Egypt Is the New Honeymoon Hot Spot


Egypt is quickly turning into the latest hot spot for newlyweds on their honeymoon. When people first hear of Egypt, honeymoon does not necessarily come to mind. However, this beautiful location is calling all lovebirds to its unbeatable scenery and fascinating history.

Being the oldest empire on Earth, Egypt is full of ancient details just waiting to be discovered. There are of course the sights most people are familiar with, like the pyramids, temples and the Nile Valley, but that is not all that Egypt has to offer. The beautiful beaches of this timeless country have been hushed for too long and it is time they get the recognition they deserve.

Imagine strolling down a beach filled with luscious white sand and cool blue water. Now imagine traveling that beach after riding on a camel. Couples can take a romantic camel ride through the deserts and afterwards freshen up at one of the many beautiful beaches Egypt has to offer. The heat in Egypt will make anyone want to take their shirt off and cool off in the refreshing ocean water.

The adventure does not end there. No honeymoon would be complete without seeing the mind-blowing Pyramids at Giza constructed for King Khufu, a site that will make anyone happy to be witnessing it with the one they love. Couples will be in awe and in love while being in front of one of the greatest man-made world wonders ever constructed. If for no other reason, Egypt is undeniably the new honeymoon hot spot for its pyramids alone.

The best part of Egypt is that it has found a way to incorporate both ancient history and modern-day culture. While the past is still present in every breath a person takes in Egypt, the modernity of this location is increasingly more evident. The Mediterranean lifestyle here can incorporate anyone into its ways. Cairo’s bazaars are always active and a great way to find those one of a kind souvenirs. Couples can go snorkeling at Na’ama Bay or choose to go dancing at some of Egypt’s hottest clubs.

Regardless of whether couples are looking for a historical honeymoon or a laid back vacation, romance will be boundless on both. For those wishing to begin their married life with a captivating history lesson, the Nile is the place to start. Along this journey couples can experience the temples, mummies, monasteries and, of course, the Pyramids. If a beach getaway is the desire, newlyweds can begin their vacation at the Red Sea, attracting visitors to its stunning beaches where snorkeling and scuba diving are only a few of the romantic adventures waiting to be had.

A common misconception is that Egypt does not condone drinking as it is a predominantly Islamic country. While the vast amount of Muslims in this country do not drink themselves, there is never an issue with tourists enjoying their time in this magical place whether that be with or without alcohol. The people of Egypt are nothing but friendly and are welcoming people of all cultures and religions with open arms.

Any couple looking for romance, adventure, history and beautiful scenery should book their romantic getaway to Egypt. Forego the typical island vacations and try something new, a trip that is guaranteed not to disappoint. Book a flight to Egypt and experience why this place truly is the new hot spot for newlyweds on their honeymoon.

Opinion By Amena S. Chaudhri

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