Fathers Gear-up for Well Deserved Day in the Sun This Father’s Day


Fathers gear up for their well deserved day in the sun this Father’s day. The time is here to appreciate the dads everywhere and all they have done for the ones they love. It goes without saying that everyday should be Father’s Day, a point that has some actually disagreeing with the purpose of having this day set out at all. Many see this day as a way for the card industry to sell their cheesy one-liners and that this day is not about fathers at all. Instead this day is just a reason to go out and have a nice brunch, but that is different from the average day. No matter the grandiose of this day or the simplicity of it, each father will be feeling special today and that is worth the celebration.

Often kids and spouses will forget to remind the men in their lives how much they appreciate them on a daily basis, so having one day for that specific purpose allows the rest of the world to stop what they are doing and give thanks to all of the dads. Father’s Day was originally started by one devoted daughter, Sonora Dodd. After Dodd’s mother passed away, her father Henry Jackson Smart single-handedly raised her and her five siblings. After attending a Mother’s Day Sermon, Dodd came to the realization that there should be such an occasion for Fathers as well.

Dodd attempted to push the idea of Father’s Day for years. It was not until 1924 that President Coolidge initially recognized Father’s Day. It was then in 1972 that President Nixon discovered the popularity of the occasion and officially made the third Sunday of June as the national day to celebrate fathers. Having the perfect sunny day to praise fathers for all of their hard work is well deserved by these men, so they gear-up for Father’s Day and plan something special.

Regardless of whether every day should be Father’s Day or not, there is only one actual day designated to these heroes and they deserve to have their walk in the limelight. Even if all the fathers get is a one hour brunch before rushing off to work again, that brunch made their day special, and it made them remember how much they are appreciated. Fathers are loved and valued every day, whether it is told to them or not, but this day forces it to be known which is beneficial for all.

Fathers deserve the best on this day, and of course that means endless love and attention, but it also means presents. Plenty of deals both online and in stores have been showing up in light of fathers. Anyone can find their father or husband something he is bound to love as there are options for even the most picky of dads. These deals range from food options like Starbucks gift cards half-off and Firehouse Subs meal deals to CVS photo collages and Harbor Freight Tools. These gifts are all sure to be a hit in the hands of any father. While a hug and a kiss are nice, go the extra mile and buy something nice. After all, it is only day out of the year to show fathers just how much they really mean. Dads should gear-up for this year’s Father’s Day as it is well deserved, and families should make this day in the sun one to remember.

Opinion By Amena S. Chaudhri

ABC News
Fathers Day Celebration

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