FBI Search for Ryan Chamberlain II


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is searching for a man who is suspected of possessing explosive materials. Saturday morning the FBI obtained a warrant for searching Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II’s apartment in the neighborhood of Russian Hill in San Francisco, California. FBI agents, local police and a hazardous materials crew all arrived on the scene.

The hazardous materials crew were in the building for a couple hours and other authorities had stayed there overnight. Hector Torres, who lives in the building next to Chamberlain’s apartment, told KTVU that he saw authorities going in and out of the building several times but “nothing happened.”

According to KTVU, the building owner, Martin Harband stated that Chamberlain was renting the ground floor apartment and has been living there for two years. He said that Chamberlain did not give off any signs of illegal activity or behavior and that he appeared to be “normal.” The manager of the building, who did not want to be identified, also spoke with KTVU and stated that the last she had seen Chamberlain was two weeks ago at a barbeque that all of the tenants had attended. She said that she did not notice any strange behavior coming from him. Another local resident, Jessica Schlenoff, said that she had known Chamberlain through passing for a few years and thought him to be a “normal guy.” She said that she would have never suspected him to be a dangerous person.

Tenants were locked out of the building for most of the day, and were given no information other than a warranted search was taking place. Police had spent 14 hours searching through Chamberlain’s apartment which is currently blocked off and is considered to be an active crime scene. The types of explosives found at the apartment have not yet been revealed.

Peter Lee, an FBI spokesperson stated that the reports which claimed Chamberlain may have had dangerous chemicals such as ricin inside his apartment were false. There is currently a nationwide search by FBI and other law enforcement officials for Ryan Chamberlain II, who may be in possession of explosives, and is considered to be armed and dangerous. He has been described as a white male with blue eyes and brown hair. He is 6-foot-3 and weights around 225 pounds. FBI stated that he was last seen on Saturday, wearing blue jeans and a blue hooded sweatshirt, driving a white, 2008 Nissan Altima. The license plates are either from California with the number 7FQY085, or from Texas with the number BX9M042.

According to Lee, Chamberlain has not made any known threats and there is currently no threat to the safety of the public. In the search for Ryan Chamberlain II, the FBI advises anyone who sees him to immediately call 911 and not approach him as he may be armed. The FBI has not provided the public with any information as to what began the investigation. Chamberlain holds a degree in journalism and political science from Iowa State University, where he graduated from in 1993. He was a writer for The Des Moines Register from 1995-1996 where he wrote music reviews.

By Sarah Temori


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