Game of Thrones Season Four Most Memorable Death Scenes

Game of Thrones

Like with every season, season four of Game of Thrones was not without some memorable death scenes. There were too many of them to count, when you include all the unnamed members of the Men of the Night’s Watch in the season’s penultimate episode. Some of the deaths were more memorable than others, and here is a rundown of the top five.

The first on the list has to be Shae’s. This was a surprise for some, even for those who had read the books and knew it was coming. Throughout the show, Shae has been a character people liked, which was not completely the case for the book series from which the show is adapted. It was only in the trial scene where she gave her false testimony that there was a real reason for Tyrion Lannister to be so angry with her.

Following Shae’s death was Tywin Lannister’s death, again at the hands of Tyrion. It was clear that revenge was on his mind, and he knew the best way to kill his father. It seemed poignant that Tywin’s death was on the commode, considering how he had treated his younger son throughout his life. The death was also perfect timing for Cersei who had recently admitted to him that her children were really her brother Jaime’s children.

Number three on the list of the most memorable death scenes in Game of Thrones season four is The Hound. Nobody actually saw him die, but there was no chance he was going to survive. With a broken leg and open wound while in the middle of nowhere—10 miles from The Eerie, as Arya Stark had pointed out—he was clearly going to end up bleeding out and dying. The fact that Arya left him there rather than taking his life herself was also a poignant moment. At first there was a hint that she felt sorry for him and was willing to forget the bad things he had done, until he started taunting her. He clearly wanted to make her angry, but she was not having any of that. Walking away and leaving him to die slowly was her best revenge.

King Joffrey’s death came at the start of this season’s Game of Thrones, and was a shock for many fans who believed the death would happen later. Fans were also shocked to find out the “whodunnit” storyline was not going to be dragged out. However, none of the shock took away the surprise of the graphics used or the sound heard to make Joffrey’s death more memorable.

Finally, the most memorable death of the season has to be Prince Oberyn. The fight scene was interesting enough, with The Mountain using his strength while Oberyn danced around him. Those who had not read the books would have thought that Oberyn was going to win, and he probably would have done if it was not for wanting to hear The Mountain confess and say who gave him the order. However, The Mountain got one last hit, killing Oberyn by smashing his skull with his bare hands. This has to be the most memorable death scene of Game of Thrones season four just because the camera stayed on it throughout the gruesomeness of it.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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