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Gary Oldman is not afraid to speak the truth and prefers to steer away from being politically correct when it comes to the mecca of movies, Hollywood. In a recent interview for their July/August issue, Playboy interviewed Gary Oldman and the ranting on some of the touchy subjects it involved may be the undoing of his career in Hollywood.

In the interview, Oldman is profiled and he rants about the nature of politics in Hollywood, accusing the Hollywood Foreign Press Association of corruption. In the article, Oldman drops names of famous entertainers like Sean Penn and John Lennon from the Beatles. He claimed that Sean Penn would scoff at his own work, referring to fans who claimed to like his work and then learned that Penn himself did not think highly of his own work. Oldman shares the same sentiments, but says that he accepts the appreciation of his work  and just moves on. Surprisingly he goes back to John Lennon of the Beatles, who he remembers saying, he would burn all the records the Beatles made and re-record all the songs. Oldman says he is not particularly appreciative of his own work in the Harry Potter series and the Dark Knight trilogy, and if possible would like to stomp those performances and do it all over again.

When questioned about Sid & Nancy, his big break in 1986, Oldman was not fond of it either. He says that he did not like himself in the movie and did not want to play the lead role of Sid Vicious in the first place. He also went on to say that he was talked into roles that he felt he would not suit him, claiming that he did not like to play Beethoven and did not like the way his ears looked in Prick Up Your Ears.

Not shying away from being politically correct, Oldman did acknowledge some good work along the way. The 56-year old Oldman, who has been married four times and has three sons is aware that the roles he plays are not something to fuss about. He acknowledged that acting is merely a job and he needs to be reminded he is an actor, because like regular people he has financial responsibilities and children, The actor who also dons the hats of a director and pianist says that apart from the big paycheck it is the pedigree of the movies that attract him to the roles they need. When asked about his starring role in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Oldman stated that he loved the franchise and its original films. His love for the franchise and the really good script were the factors that apparently tipped the scales for Oldman ,who insisted that a hefty paycheck had nothing to do with it.

After the ranting on his personal career choices, Gary Oldman moved on to the television calling reality TV, the museum of social decay. He also believed the “world has gone to hell,” and called political correctness “crap”. He considered it a joke and wanted the others to move on.

Mel Gibson, whose career is in a slump following his DUI arrest found support in Gary Oldman. Gibson, who was accused of racism and anti-semitism a few years ago was the focus of his rants. He claimed that Gibson who was drunk at the time of his arrest, said things that most people do in an inebriated state. Calling the others hypocrites for their attitude, he questioned if the police officer who arrested Gibson had not made any such derogatory comments against racial minorities before. He also did not like the hypocrisy involved in the usage of these terms now that the ill-famed f-word  had two connotations, the three-lettered word, an offensive term for the LGBT community.

Jumping to the rescue of the unnecessary crucifixion of public figures, Alec Baldwin’s recent spat with the paparazzi was the also the subject of Oldman’s rants. Acoustic analysis of the slur word Baldwin used against the paparazzi proved the word is fathead, and he said that the persecution of public figures was really not necessary.

The anti-semitic rant in the interview continued when Oldman claimed Gibson was in a town run by the Jews. Rejected as an outcast and a leper for biting the hands that fed him, he was quick to add that Gibson did not need them since he did quite well for himself. He questioned the sheer hypocrisy of the Jews for their explainable hatred of the Germans and said he could not stand it anymore since the politically correct people started deciding what was right and wrong. The Pope was not left far behind with Oldman using a choice set of expletives when asked what he thought about the leader

Oldman in his rants on the interview took the Academy to task. At the Oscars, he claimed that not voting for 12 Years a Slave, could potentially brand you to be a racist. Being very careful about his own personal views he clarified that although he was neither fascist nor racist, nothing of that sort in his history, he did have views that were not shared by many. Awards were something he ranted about too. He did view the Oscar as an award of value for work in the industry, but it probably holds the same value as winning a Tony or a Laurence Olivier award. People and peers acknowledged the good work he did with those awards, but was quick to point out that the Golden Globe did not mean a thing. The Hollywood Press Association, he said just did nothing about the awards. With a few choice words for their role and the way they suck up to everybody at the awards in a drunken stupor, urged him to ask people to boycott the event, refusing to play what he calls, “a silly game.” Funnily though, he did acknowledge the lack of an Oscar for himself.

Gary Oldman compared the Association to a club and likened himself to a member with limited privileges  and access. The garden wall surrounding the élite prevented him from being a part of the group, although occasionally he was invited just to peek at the buffet, but then he had to go back to his seat. He noted that most people do not realize that it takes a lot of work to be a celebrity. He wished he would have navigated the promotional part of his career better, because his campaign would have gotten him an Oscar by now, but that meant he would have to play the fame game by conventional rules.

Gary Oldman was sure the interview went badly, knowing fully well the interviewer would have to edit a lot of the discussion out to to finally print it in the upcoming issue. Not wanting to sound like a bigot or someone who was sour with his Hollywood experience, Gary Oldman’s ranting interview ended with his proclamation that it was the dishonesty, double standards and hypocrisy that he was angry about. His decision to defend his peers over questionable comments was his display of how politically incorrect he really was.

Opinion By Rathan Paul Harshavardan

New York Daily News

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