‘Girl Meets World’ Lives Up To Original Series

girl meets world

Girl Meets World is a sequel series to the beloved 1990’s show Boy Meets World, as the name implies, and if the early reviews are to be believed it is set to live up to the original series. The new show picks up with original lead characters Cory and Topanga, now parents with an eleven year old daughter ready to take the same journey that her father did from 1993 to 2000. Boy Meets World is considered a classic series by many, a true coming of age tale that many children, now adults, grew up with. With such high standards for the sequel series to live up to many fans cannot help but expect a disappointment. Fortunately for them Girl Meets World seems to be set up for success.

Early reviews have noted that Girl Meets World certainly has a modern Disney Channel glamour that the original lacked. Fans may have a hard time adjusting to a sleeker world for their favorite characters, but most would agree that characterization is what is most important. Critics indicate that Ben Savage is in good form as Cory, still the same character, but filling a new role. Cory is now the history teacher to his young daughter, Riley, and her friends. This setup gives Cory the opportunity to act as the new Mr. Feeny, who also makes a cameo in the pilot. Riley has a rebellious friend to counter her good nature just as her father did and more original characters as well as children of Boy Meets World characters will be joining the young girl’s journey.

Girl Meets World treads the same territory as its predecessor, with stories of regular school life serving as backdrops for greater life lessons. Early viewers and critics report Girl Meets World maintaining the wholesome charm of the original series, helping it live up to fans’ hopes. This is a special relief to some who were concerned that the more modern style of Disney Channel would rob the sequel of any truly family friendly appeal. With proper reverence to the original and a suitably modern new set of issues for Riley to face Disney likely hopes to have old fans join their children to watch each week. Kid friendly material with sly references for parents has been a formula working for animated films for years and Disney can put it to good use on television. All of these elements sound promising to fans, but they also acknowledge that there is room for improvement. Given that only the pilot has been seen there is plenty of time to grow the show into its own fully formed entity.

The new series premiered on June 27 and will fall into its regular scheduled time slot on July 11. The break between episodes should be enough time to build up a new and returning viewership, with the current Disney Channel crowd along with many old fans hoping to see their beloved childhood characters revived for more adventures. Expectations will no doubt be high, but with the original team of writers as well as a new younger team on board fans remain hopeful and eager. With a reportedly promising pilot it will not be long until viewers can decide for themselves whether or not Girl Meets World lives up to the original series.

By Matt Isaacs

The New York Times

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