Glee’s Lea Michele Dating a Real Life Gigolo?

Lea MicheleEver since the tragic passing of Cory Monteith, fans have been wondering if Glee actress, Lea Michele will ever find love again. She has been working hard and keeping to herself, and keeping anything of a personal nature out of the news. There are many challenges in finding the right person, and leaving one’s self open to that emotional roller coaster ride. However for a person to find out that their new beau was a gigolo selling his manly wares for money may  never cross most people’s minds. However, it seems the darling of Glee may actually be in this awkward situation.

Lea Michele
Lea’s new love?

Rumor has it that Matthew Paetz has been working for Cowboys4Angels under a different name. This site is one that offers women, male companionship, for a price! It has been noted that Paetz had a profile up, that is now mysteriously gone, and that it stated he charges for hourly, $350, and per weekend, $6000 to a whopping $17,500 for a week of his company. The profile said that the hunky arm candy is a life coach, certified of course, a dating expert and a masseuse. The picture here (left) does a good job of not letting on what an educated guy this is, or is he, no one is quite clear on this. It is or was his profile picture on the escort web site. It is however, quite a pricey date night, that leaves one to wonder if he will give it all up for Michele? It stands to reason that the actress would not actually date an actively working escort, so only time will tell on this one. Paetz has a Facebook which states that he is a dating coach, and fans only hope that he is not an actual gigolo, with no intent of settling for just one woman.

Lea Michele
On the set with Lea.

How could the girl next door, Lea Michele, actually meet a man like this? Rumor has it they met on the set of her video for her song On My Way, and it is said that it got cozy quickly. The photo from that set is pictured here (right) and the fans have only to judge for themselves. Paetz is the one with his arm around the Glee star, and she does not seem to mind a bit. It seems that the oldest profession in the world is not limited to women, and this guy is a looker which is why he probably got away with charging what he did.

It is rumored that the two have been dating for months, and that the actress is concerned over the public judging her, and also she reportedly wants to take it slow, so as not to get hurt again. So is that life over for Paetz? Will Lea Michele admit to dating a former gigolo? These are the questions her dedicated fan base is asking, however everything is quiet in her camp. Being a paid escort is not the worst thing in the world, and if she is happy, then maybe the media should leave it alone and let it pan out and take its natural course.

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