Google Glass Is a Food Lover’s Dream Come True

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Google glass is exciting food lovers everywhere as it finally allows their dreams of creating awesome food videos come true. No longer is it necessary for food bloggers to get a friend to record their step by step procedures for making delicious recipes or risk dropping their phone in a bowl of cake batter while recording themselves. This awesome new piece of technology makes it easy to record and create at the same time, with two hands.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr are full of talented home cooks posting their delicious looking recipes online. However, what those chefs may not mention is just how hard it was to get that perfect picture of their final creation. They also may never admit how wonderful it would be to be able to take a video of their masterpiece in the making while narrating step by step instructions. Google glass makes that possible now, and changes the world of cooking and baking for the better.

Not only is it easier for food creators to share their masterpieces, but now food lovers can re-create those masterpieces in the blink of an eye. Google Glass allows for one person to record their food creation and upload that video so that a beloved fan can watch that video with his or her own Google Glass set and re-create it. The glasses allow the video to come up in front of the viewer so that it can be viewed while simultaneously cooking, pretty cool. Street food master, Roy Choi demonstrates this amazing spectrum while creating his famous street burritos. He shows how Google Glass has made his cooking endeavors easier and that this new invention is a food lover’s dream come true.

It has even been suggested that Google Glass could possibly become big enough to replace those chunky old cookbooks lying around in the kitchen gathering dust. Google Glass is a convenient way to have all the best recipes right in front of your eyes. Owners of these glasses can search for any recipe under any cuisine type and make it right away, provided of course whether they have the proper ingredients or not. Google glass allows for the person to avoid having to divert their attention from the food they are making to look at their laptop for the next instruction, now it is all right in front of the chef’s eyes.

Google glass has gone as far as proving its benefits in the kitchen to even those with disabilities. Ashley Lasanta, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was able to cook using Google Glass. She had help with the chopping and cutting, but all the instructions were given by her as she watched the screen in front of her with Google Glass. For the first time Ashley was able to create a dish, take a picture of it, and share that picture without having the need to use her hands.

Google Glass is quickly turning into the new cool gadget. It is a kitchen must have and can be a great addition for both seasoned and new chefs alike. Google Glass can be a fun new way to search and create fun and delicious recipes. The proof is in the pudding, Google Glass is bringing to life the dreams of food lovers everywhere.

By Amena S. Chaudhri

US News
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