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Google Glass

Google Glass is now available in the UK, but there is a £1,000 price tag to it. This equates to around $1,600, which is slightly more than the USA retail price of $1,500. The question now is whether anyone in the country will bother buying the wearable technology.

This is the first time that the United Kingdom has had the chance to purchase the smart technology. At first, it was only available to people by invitation, but Google later opened it up to anyone who wanted one. In May, users got a one-day window of opportunity to buy Google Glass, but were warned that it was still in beta mode. That meant changes could still be made, and the tech giant wanted to hear feedback from its customers. Just weeks later, it was on sale with no time limitations.

The feedback has been useful over the last two years of development. Originally has just a non-prescription lens in one design, there are now designer frames, prescription lenses and even sunglasses versions available.

Releases of the Google wearable technology has been as part of the Explorer Program. The release in the United Kingdom is no different. Consumers will get the chance to trial the prototype and offer feedback to the tech giant. This could bring out different ideas as people across the Atlantic Ocean may require something different. Only those over 18 can purchase Google Glass now available in the UK.

The idea is to make the technology fit in seamlessly within lives. Head of the product Ivy Ross stated that this is when “technology is at its best.” By fitting in perfectly, the technology will help with tasks, and enhance life. This is why there are a number of new apps being introduced with the technology, including one for, which will give the updates for soccer news.

There are some apps that are aimed at the niche market. For example, StarChart is aimed at those who want to see the constellations at all times of the day, night and year. Zombies, Run! is also available for those who want to get fitter.

Some consumers have complained about the two-year wait from the first development of Google Glass. However, the Californian company has done this purposely to make sure the device is just right for consumers. The aim is to make sure it offers everything that people could need before it goes on sale around the world. It will remain in the Explorer Program until the team is happy this has happened.

It is a great thing for users who want to be a part of something big. They can get the device now, and have their say in full. There is more chance of the company implementing their suggestions when it is still being fully developed.

However, getting the device now does come at a cost. It is $1,500 in the United States and £1,000 in the United Kingdom. The question is whether people want to pay that now that Google Glass is finally available in the UK.

By Alexandria Ingham



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