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Rumors are flying today about the release of the next Google Nexus tablet, and with Google I/O only about one and a half weeks away it is no wonder they are so bountiful. For months now the “Nexus 8” has been burning up the online rumor mills, as it has been the subject of many different “leaks.” It is a possibility, however, that Google will surprise everyone with the long-awaited Nexus 10 follow-up, and if not, the Nexus 7 could also be a surprise release. Going over some of the rumored features and specifications of the “Nexus 8” is enough to make any technocrat a little giddy.

First off, Google may have created the Nexus 7 line just to increase the interest coming from other manufacturers about a new cost friendly design. Now that other companies have generously covered the 7 inch market, Google may have abandon the design for the new “Nexus 8.” The new device is rumored to have a 8.9 inch screen running an amazing 2,560 by 1,600 resolution. The next part though is where it gets really exciting. There has been a lot of speculation regarding the internals of the device, specifically its processor. At first it seemed there would be enough evidence to support the idea that Intel and Google would team up to run the “Nexus 8” on an Intel Moorefield SoC chip, but unfortunately Google has not appeared on any of the multi-year agreements with Intel.

As was mentioned though, rumors about the upcoming release of the Google Nexus are aplenty, so one just will not do. Aside from the Intel rumor, information that has been dug out of the Android source code may indicate that the tablet may run on either a 32-bit, or 64-bit, NVIDIA Tegra chip. It may not even stop there, there are even rumors that the Google “Nexus 8” could run on a Qualcomm processor. Evidently there are pictures of the tablet fully wrapped in plastic that accompany this rumor. The rumor also states that the Qualcomm processor would be a 64-bit chip, however the only chips based on that architecture were not supposed to be released until 2015. Either way all of this information will soon be dispelled as Google I/O approaches.

Finally there is the manufacturer. In case anyone is not aware, all Nexus devices are codenamed after sea creatures, like “eel” or “dogfish.” The reason for the preamble is because a few months ago HTC designed a device codenamed “Flounder.” In addition to this, the final item on the rumor list is the price tag. Sporting a 2K 8.9 inch display, a 64-bit Quad-core Tegra K1 processor, it can be expected that the device may be a little more expensive than the Nexus 7. Early estimates bring it to over $299 USD. Regardless of the expense, many people are going to be clamoring over this device, if the rumored specifications are any indication. It may be a good idea to wait a bit before getting to excited about the device before it debuts. There are several offerings this year that will be turning heads, and causing cash in pockets to burn a little brighter. The release of the Apple iPad Air 2 will be an interesting development, as it will also no doubt be sporting high-level design with its 64-bit chip as well. As the rumors continue to pile up around the new Google Nexus, technophiles will continue to dream a sweet dream as they await the coming of Google I/O.

Opinion by Phillip Schmidt

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