Jennifer Lopez Cannot Hold Onto Love [Video]


Global superstar Jennifer Lopez has it all and she has worked hard to obtain everything. Fame, riches, beauty and popularity constantly surround the 44-year-old and with a net worth at around $250 million (as of two years ago), she seems to have it made. But the one thing that seems to keep slipping through her fingers is love. Almost like clockwork, another relationship that Lopez was in for a long amount of time has ended, leaving the mother of two alone again (naturally).

On Friday morning, it was revealed that Lopez and her boyfriend of two years, dancer Casper Smart, had split up. Rumors regarding the end of their relationship had been following the couple for weeks. Gossip sites reported that Smart had been caught sending romantic texts to a transgender woman / model. Many found the relationship between Lopez and Smart troublesome from the start, with she and her now former beau having an almost 20 year age gap. However, Lopez assured naysayers that she was happy being with him and found no issues with him being much younger than her.

“We’re loving this moment right now,” Lopez told FOX News Latino, back in January of this year. “We make each other happy.”

The relationship with Smart began following her separation from Latin heartthrob and music star, Marc Anthony. The two met years ago and maintained a close friendship. They began dating in 2004 and were married by June of that year. It was her third union and his second. Lopez gave birth to twins Emme and Max in 2007. She believed she and Anthony were kismet and spoke about their love with Redbook Magazine in 2010, saying that he inspired her greatly.

“A marriage is long, and you’ve got to like the person as much as you love or lust after them.”

Following a relationship with a man named David Cruz from 1984 to 1994, her marriage to Anthony was probably her most significant one to date. Many believed that Lopez and Anthony were meant to be and with the start of their family, the once rocky road to love was finally smooth for her. However, it ultimately failed as well. Lopez and Anthony, to this day, remain close friends and co-parent their now 6-year-old twins. The divorce has yet to be finalized, although Anthony filed back in 2012.

One of her most noted, high profiled relationships was with another familiar face in Hollywood, Ben Affleck. The media circus that surrounded the two brought forth the birth of unified couple names (theirs was “Bennifer”) and the movie bomb, Gigli. Lopez went as far as to record a song for her man, Dear Ben; which was included on her 2002 album, This Is Me… Then. In fact, the entire album was based around their relationship, according to Lopez herself.

“I wrote a lot of songs inspired by what I was going through at the time,” she said to MTV News. “He was definitely a big part of that.”lopez

As important as he may have been, the relationship soured and by 2004, it was all over. He ultimately married another famous Jennifer, actress Jennifer Garner.

It has almost become a running joke in wondering just how long her relationship with someone will last, as opposed to wondering whether or not she has finally found “the one” (which ironically, is a title of a song from the This Is Me… Then album). Lopez has actually joined in on the joke somewhat. During a guest turn on the NBC comedy hit Will and Grace back in 2004, (the same year the relationship with Ben Affleck ended) Lopez played a caricature of herself and gave a speech at the wedding of Karen Walker, played by Megan Mullally.

“Just remember: the secret to a happy marriage is… ah, who am I kidding?!”

If there is one positive thing to take from the end of her latest relationship, it is that Lopez seemingly continues to go through life with her heart on her sleeve. She has a tough time holding onto love, but love always seems to hold onto her. With a total of three marriages and two long-lasting committed relationships, it is the achievement she tries to obtain the most.

It is a constant theme in her music as well. Her current single from her upcoming A.K.A. album is titled First Love. In the upbeat track, she coos to her lover that she wishes he would have come along sooner in her life and once again, pokes a bit of fun at herself.

“I wish you were my first love,” she sings, “cause if you were first, baby, there would have been no second, third or fourth love.”

She has a big year ahead of her: her tenth album is released next Friday, June 13. Her first book, entitled True Love, will come in October. Her successes are endless and while one can be sure she is living and loving every moment of it, the one thing Jennifer Lopez cannot hold onto is the love of another. But we all know that she will keep trying. Just like her music, movies and all around superstar persona, it is kind of what she is known for.

Opinion by Jonathan Brown

New York Daily News

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