Jimmy Fallon Makes Ryan Lewis of Macklemore Hit Streets of New York [Video]

Jimmy Fallon, Macklemore

Everyone knows who Macklemore is, but how many people on the streets of New York will know who will know who Ryan Lewis, the lesser known half of the duo ? Jimmy Fallon does it again in a hilarious ‘man on the street’ skit starring Ryan Lewis, asking people who Ryan Lewis is. The result is one funny video (below) and Lewis is really a great sport, it cannot be easy being the unknown half of Macklemore, but he takes it all in stride. In fact he is a producer, DJ, and musician, and is an integral part of the band.

He actually produced an album of his own called Instrumentals  along with 2009’s The VS and 2012’s The Heist. In 2006 he actually met Macklemore, a rapper on MySpace, and began doing all the back of the stage work like producing and mixing all the music. He also directed the duo’s music videos, along with designing graphic’s, so he is the ultimate jack of all trades. Fallon knows all this, so knowing how multi-faceted he is makes this clip all the more funny. Lewis is great and he is so much more than his professional titles, as he helped found the 30/30 project in honor of his Mom who, in the 80’s was diagnosed with HIV. The name of the charity is due to the fact that his Mom has survived for 30 years despite the diagnosis. Both men of this dynamic duo work with the  Nature Conservancy, urging the young to head outside and appreciate nature and this beautiful world we live in. Macklemore and Lewis have together helped out with charities that help the poorest of our nation, and did a remake of Same Love for their campaign. So in other words, in only a way that Fallon could come up with, he takes this amazing guy and puts him on the streets of New York to see first hand how little the fans know about him. A lesser man could have taken offense to this stunt, but not Lewis, as seen in the video below. He is the first to laugh when he shows the people he interviews his photo with Macklemore. Many could learn a lesson of humility from this man, and take a page from his book, that allows for fame and fortune, and not placing so much importance on the fame part of the equation.

He showed a passion for music at a young age, and went on to become a professional photographer,which is how he got started with Macklemore, by taking photo’s for him in 2006. After a few trial runs at producing music together, they collaborated on a project in 2008 which became The VS.EP, and the rest as they say is hip hop history. Who better than Jimmy Fallon to take this multi-talented star and send him onto the streets of New York and actually ask passersby about himself. The result is a must see video that will leave you with a smile as big as Lewis’s in this clip.

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