Jimmy Fallon The Evolution of Dad Dancing With Chris Christie [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

Guest Chris Christie gets down with Jimmy Fallon in honor of Father’s Day, doing the evolution of Dad dancing. It is as entertaining as it sounds and adding the New Jersey Governor into the mix makes it even more so. The Late Night Show starts out with a little light-hearted joking aimed at Christie and his weight. He tells the host that he was honored as Father of the Year, and his four kids could not believe it, he goes on to say there was a luncheon held in his honor for this, and only one of his kids showed up. The late night host then states that at least he got to eat the other three meals. Cue applause! The highlight though, was when they got on stage and went through the typical and not so typical dad dance moves. Moves include everything from the ‘lawn mower’ to ‘don’t make me turn this car around’.

Fallon has done this dance in years past, on his own, but adding the not so smooth moves of the Governor makes it just that much more funny. The New Jersey Governor, who is no stranger to being in the limelight seems to be in line to run for President in 2016 with a Republican nomination. He just needs to get past the scandal over the partial closure of the George Washington bridge, which is said to have been politically motivated by his aides. This scandal was just a year ago, and maybe this fun tribute to dads everywhere will relieve some of the bad press with some good. He stands by his position that he did not know of the aides wrong doing, and as there is no proof to the contrary his reputation is slowly gaining back its popularity. Being Governor of New Jersey is proving to be a challenge that surpasses that scandal, as their unfunded pension is one of the worst in the United States. This is a result of that proverbial snow ball rolling through out the years of political promises, and not being backed by cuts in spending or a tax hike┬áto pay for the government employee’s more than generous benefits.

So politics aside, Fallon has once again taken a guest to new places and new heights of comedy with this unfailingly funny evolution of dad dancing. The video is simply music without vocals, which is a departure from the hosts usual mode of operation (MO). So back it up with the boys and see how to do ‘the republican’ and also ‘the democrat’ and see how your party performs. The video below shows that comedy and politics really can work together, as Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie boogie down, showing fans how dads dance at a Bruce Springsteen concert right up to the end where only one of them dance to ‘the bridge is closed’. Guess who did not dance to that one, but if you can’t laugh at yourself, someone else surely will.

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