Jonah Hill Apologizes for Hurling Homophobic Slur

Jonah HillIn a prime case of speaking before thinking, actor Jonah Hill  was caught on camera hurling a homophobic slur at paparazzi. Hill is now on damage control with apologies for his insensitive remarks.

According to reports the actor was caught walking through the trendy Larchmont area in L.A. over the weekend when he was apparently approached by paparazzi. As the camera wielding paparazzi began tossing questions to the actor trying to elicit a response, Hill remained silent while cameras continued to follow him. As the paparazzi reporters continued to trail the actor, it became apparent that Jonah Hill was choosing not to engage in conversation with them and the paparazzi chose to let the actor go about his business. In the moment immediately following, in a fit of frustration, Jonah Hill released an insulting homophobic slur in the direction of the paparazzi.

With the remark caught on tape, Jonah Hill has been in the media with apologies for his very poor choice of words. Hill made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show where he explained to the shock jock that the incident was a heartbreaking situation. Hill says that regardless of how frustrated or pestered he felt by the paparazzi, his words, which he he says are not a part of his vernacular were inexcusable. Jonah Hill went on the call himself a poster boy in a lesson of thinking about what to say and using a better choice of words.

What makes Jonah Hill all the more sorry for his actions is that the actor has been a strong supporter of LGBT rights. With close personal friends and family members who are gay and lesbian, Hill has been a vocal supporter and has worked with organizations like the Human Rights Campaign and has leant his name in support of causes like marriage equality. The 30-year-old Wolf of Wall Street star whose legal name is Jonah Hill Feldstein has also been vocally against the anti-gay laws in place in Russia.

The city of Los Angeles has seen a surge of camera toting paparazzi in recent years and while the city has been working to curb their presence with a proposed ordinance in the interest of public safety for celebrities as well as regular civilians, it has been a challenge to reign them in. Paparazzi in the Los Angeles area has been on record for causing traffic congestion, running red lights, overtaking public sidewalks and being an overall public nuisance in their efforts to capture on tape a soundbite or a fist begin thrown into their lens that could in some cases be damaging to a singer or actors career or reputation. Paparazzi has been known to stake out the already crowded Los Angeles International Airport where much of their content is generated. Artists like Kanye West and Sean Penn have been caught on film at LAX damaging cameras of paparazzi who had been relentless in their pursuits.

While Jonah Hill expresses his remorse for the incident that has apparently caused him much distress and embarrassment, the actor says he sincerely hopes those who may have been adversely effected by his unkind words forgive him and know that his words in no way reflect his heart.

By Hal Banfield


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