Justin Bieber Battles Racism

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Justin Bieber is always in the battle in some way or another, this time the matter is racism. The heartthrobs past has come back to haunt him. A second video was shared of Beiber singing a racial tune in reference to a black girl and an initiation into the KKK may have sparked a controversial battle. The first video also leaked by TMZ reveals the singer cracking a racial joke to his friends.

The pop star hit the scene in 2007 stealing the hearts of bright- eyed teenage girls all over the world. Bieber’s mother recognized his talent, recorded him and posted him on YouTube for relatives. She began posting him regularly and before she knew it, the video’s hits were multiplying by the day.

Executive Scooter Braun noticed one of  the 13–year-old Justin’s video and was very impressed. Bieber continued on to record demo tapes and performances with popular R&B artist Raymond Usher. Scooter and Usher signed Bieber to Raymond Braun Media Group. He then began recording his very first album.

Over the years Beiber has achieved great success in the music business with not only an American fan–base but an international one. Beiber can fly anywhere in the world and there will be young girls and maybe even a few women chasing after him. His success progressed hastily over the past seven years, leading him down a road that hasn’t been quite as pretty.

The celebrity rebel was arrested in Miami, Florida on January 23, 2014. He allegedly drove a rented yellow Lamborghini under the influence of prescription Xanax, beer and marijuana. He did not have a valid license and he was suspected to be drag racing. Prior to his arrest, Bieber resisted arrest without violence. After the singer was taken into custody he was very incoherent, but he was honest with the cops about him being intoxicated.

Bieber battled court, successfully convincing the court to drop the charges. This did not stop fans from loving Bieber though. Justin sent out a tweet to his fans not long after he was released from jail. The apologetic singer relayed to his fans that they were all worthy no matter what anyone said. He continued the short paragraph saying that God was with everyone and how truly grateful he was for his fans for sticking by him.

He rages the media again not even six months after his arrest. Justin Bieber could be sparking future disputes and racial battles when a second video was released. British tabloid newspaper The Sun, was the first to report on the footage. The singer used the N-word to substitute the lyrics for his 2009, One Less Lonely Girl.

The singer was not accompanied in the video. While the video is not dated, the racial videos are believed to have been filmed when Bieber was bout 14 or 15 years old. Justin Bieber may be battling a little racism but he seems to be very remorseful about it. TMZ released the video on last week. It is rumored that Justin wanted the video to be released, that he wanted the world to know. He wanted to own up to what he said.

By Erica Sandifer


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