Justin Bieber Caught on Camera Telling Racist Joke [Video With Explicit Language]

Justin Bieber Caught on Camera Telling Racist Joke [Video With Explicit Language]

It is being reported that a video taped of Justin Bieber back at the age 15 has been released and on it, he is caught telling a racist joke and also using the n-word. The video shows Bieber with some friends as he begins to tell the so called joke. The young pop star apparently has tried to purchase the video “for a large sum of money” in order to try and stop it from going public. It was allegedly recorded during the filming of his Never Say Never concert documentary back in 2011.

In the clip,  which is now up on YouTube, there is one friend off camera who instructs him not to say the punchline, but he does anyway.  It is believed that the video could possible be both Justin Bieber and his whole camp’s worst nightmare. That is hard to believe after the year he has experienced, in which he has never been very far from controversy. However many feel this video tops the list.

The media has gotten hold of the video and it is now available for everyone to see. It is also being reported that Bieber is “sad and frustrated” that the video has actually finally been released, and he has told friends he will soon address it.

Any media requests for comment that have been sent to Bieber’s reps have yet to be answered. However a lot of people feel that the video will be a major kick in the teeth and actually shows Justin’s true colors on film. Bieber is signed to Usher Raymond’s label which is RBMG Records and during the course of his career he has worked closely with numerous African-Americans such as Lil Wayne, will.i.am and Big Sean. He has even stated that he has weekly phone calls with Will Smith to receive guidance and has reportedly has a close relationship with Will’s son Jaden Smith as well.

Back in January of this year, Bieber was arrested for both driving drunk and also resisting arrest while he allegedly was drag racing in Miami. His trial is set to start there in July. Only a month later in February, Bieber was accused of mistreating a flight attendant while he was on a private jet. It was also allegedly stated that the young singer and his staff had smoked so much marijuana on the flight that the pilots were forced to put on oxygen masks just to be able to breath.

Bieber is presently also being investigated by Los Angeles police over allegedly attempted robbery claims. He was accused of robbery by a victim who has remained nameless but the pop star has yet to be arrested. The cops also ended up searching Bieber’s house after he allegedly tossed eggs at a neighbor’s home.

It is well known that the singer stands up against racism and when anyone criticizes his choice of friends, he has stated that no one has any right to judge. He has added that “God put these people in my life for a reason, and just because they are African-American, that makes them bad people?”

A spokesperson for Justin has not been able to be reached for comment at the present time.

Reports are saying the video of Justin Bieber has caught him telling a racist joke and also using the n-word. The video shows Bieber with friends back when he was age 15.

By Kimberly Ruble


The Daily Mail

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