Justin Bieber in Racist Video Again

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is in hot water for another racist video. This time the video is from 2009, and shows the singer using the N-word and talking about joining the Ku Klux Klan. The video comes just days after a different video from around the same time emerged of a racist joke that the 20-year-old told.

This still does not mean that the young singer is a racist. It just means that he has some more explaining and apologizing to do. Bieber did apologize for the original video, explaining that it was a silly and immature thing to do. He may have the same apology for this new video, but it will take a lot more than a few simple words to explain the reason behind this one.

It is important to remember life at 15-years-old. It is an impressionable time, and it is unclear just how the Canadian singer was influenced by back then. His influences at the time could have spoken out about the KKK, and had racist views. They were projected on the Boyfriend singer, who thought that he believed that himself. He may have also just wanted to fit in with a certain crowd, and believed that those were the type of things he should have said.

The exact timing of the new video leaked is unclear. All that is known is that it was just after signing with Raymond Braun Media Group. At this time he would have known that his words could be used against him, but that would not mean he really understood the consequences of his actions.

The Sun decided to release the footage of Bieber in the racist video again. A source to the paper decided that “belibers” needed to know the real person they looked up to. He stated that it was not just something people said as a joke. These were his true feelings, and said when he believed nobody of importance was really listening.

It will be interesting to see if those who previously came to his defense still do. Some of those who stood by him included ex-bodyguard Kenny Hamilton and Usher. Usher is his mentor, and someone who Bieber looks up to for his career. He has followed his advice, and even seemed to listen to him when Usher flew down to Panama shortly after the singer’s DUI incident in Miami.

Right now, the Baby singer’s publicity team and his manager will likely be working out the best way to handle the situation. The first video was easily dealt with through the singer apologizing for his joke and pulling the immaturity card. That may not work to get around the controversy of the second video. However, being an impressionable youth could be an option. Despite still acting out, he has grown up a little and his views will have changed in that time.

The new video does not mean that the singer is a racist, and putting on a show for the cameras. It would be very hard to keep that show up for the last five years. However, Bieber does need to acknowledge and explain his racist video again.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


New York Daily News

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