Justin Bieber Involved in Another Car Accident

Justin Bieber Involved in Another Car Accident

Justin Bieber has been involved in yet another car accident on Tuesday, according to Billboard and other sources; but, this time, one of the differences is that the Biebs did not cause the accident. He was not driving, but was reportedly in the back seat of a black Chevy Escalade and was being chauffeured by an unnamed individual.

The black Escalade that Justin Bieber, 20, was a passenger in was reportedly ran into by a BMW. The incident happened on Wednesday as the Escalade was trying to ditch pursuing paparazzo, and was travelling along Canon Drive when a BMW leaving a parking lot in Beverly Hills near the vicinity of the popular Bouchon restaurant pulled out and hit the back door of the luxury SUV.

Though it is never fun to be involved in a car accident, the good news for Justin Bieber is that this time, he was not the one at fault, like he allegedly was when he was arrested in Miami Beach and charged both with a DUI and Resisting Arrest, back in January of this year. He will face the DUI charges on July 7, 2014.

A spokesperson for the Beverly Hills Police Department, speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, stated that nobody was injured in the accident, and added that “no charges were filed.”

A police officer who responded and was at the scene shortly after the accident was not able to confirm that Justin Bieber had been in the car, but he said that “there was a vehicle that was possibly connected to him” that was involved in the incident.

According to She Knows.com and eyewitness sources, Justin Bieber got out of the black Chevy Escalade, got into another vehicle, and left the scene after the minor crash. If so, that was probably why the police officer did not see the Biebster in the SUV.

Another occasion when Justin Bieber was involved in a minor car accident was in August 2011. Then, the Canadian-born singer was at the wheel of his Ferrari. The minor incident occurred in an underground parking lot, when Justin’s car hit another vehicle. The LAPD did not file a report, as the accident seemed to be a very minor one.

Many famous celebrities have had run-ins with the paparazzi, who have been called too aggressive in the pursuit of getting stories and photos. While most of the paps are not like that, and are just trying to earn an honest dollar like everyone else, some of them have endangered the very lives of the celebs they pursue by their reckless behavior. These members of the paparazzi are likened to celebrity stalkers, and they have given their fellow members of the media a bad name.

Justin Bieber suffered no injuries when the black Escalade he was a passenger in was struck by a BMW while trying to evade the paps, and fortunately, nobody else was hurt. No charges were filed, so — though the Biebs was involved in yet another car accident, it was not one that he was responsible for, or which will further add to his legal problems. Bieber’s Escalade got a few dings and scratches on it, but it was otherwise not damaged due to the accident.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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