Kim Kardashian Gets Upstaged by Her Little Sister


Kim Kardashian has been the object of affection for many years now. However, her little sister Kendall Jenner may be stealing the spotlight. The 5’ 10” beauty towers over the rest of the Kardashian sisters and has an extremely successful modeling career at the young age of 18. While some may argue there is no competing with Kim Kardashian, the fashion world stage and her little sister may say otherwise.

Vogue is undoubtedly the highest praise one can get in the fashion industry. Being asked to be on the cover of Vogue is possibly more exciting than being proposed to. This is one honor that Kim Kardashian has been itching for but may never get. Instead, little sis Kendall Jenner may have that coveted opportunity. However, the newly married bombshell is not the least bit jealous of her sister Kendall. She has even been quoted saying how she is incredibly proud of her sister’s modeling career and her new relationship with Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue.

The fashion battle does not end there though. Many have made claims that Kendall Jenner has better style than Kim Kardashian, although some of Kendall’s fashion notables are borrowed items from her big sister. It is hard to compare these two as they both have very different body types. Kim exudes the idea of having the perfect curves and flaunting them, which is a popular trend these days. Kendall has a more classic type of beauty as she has a body desired more in earlier times, very tall and very skinny. Having such different bodies makes the clothes they wear hard to compare as well. It is not easy to compare an hourglass to a pretzel stick; they are completely different.

When fashion channels compare these two sisters, it always come down to small details. Even if the two are wearing identical clothes, there is always one thing that  the other did better. In one fashion face-off Kendall won with a black and white patterned dress previously worn by sister Kim, however prior to that Kim won a look with her statement shoes. Regardless of the little details, recent outfits worn by Kendall show that Kim is certainly being upstaged by her little sister.

While it may be hard to compare identical outfits on different body types, one thing that is certain is Kendall’s desire to break the rules when it comes to high fashion. Recently seen on the runway at New York Fashion Week, Kendall was bearing a see-through top with no undergarments. She has taken charge with being noticed for herself and not as the sister of a Kardashian. Kendall was seen on the red carpet at the MuchMusic Awards wearing a dress that once again screamed she is looking for attention and wants to be recognized as an adult instead of the little Kardashian sister.The model wore a dress with slits cut up both sides all the way up to her pelvic bones. This made it loud and clear that the 18-year-old was once again, not wearing any undergarments.

Many are now saying that Kendall Jenner has outshined big sis Kim Kardashian with her bold and daring choices. However, some are also saying that these outfits are too much, and as much as she wants to be taken seriously as an adult, it is only backfiring for her. While it may be true that Kim Kardashian is being upstaged in the fashion world by her little sister, it may be too soon for Kendall to be making such audacious clothing decisions.

By Amena S. Chaudhri

Huffington Post
E Online
Hollywood Life

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