Madonna Suprises Detroit With a Visit

MadonnaMadonna visited the city of Detroit today, bringing words of hope and inspiration to everyone she met. She has been tweeting about Detroit’s youth boxing gyms, but no one expected that she would actually show up without an announcement. Those tweets often included pictures of the young men involved in boxing. In a style all her own, the singer popped in unannounced by visiting inner city shops and even buying a ‘made in Detroit’ jacket that turns into a sleeping bag. She is spear heading a “revolution of love” and is backing the city 100 percent on an amazing comeback. She believes in a city that is just learning to believe in themselves again, and that means a lot to the inner city residents. She visited a charter school and spent time with the children there, and sent pictures to her instagram account stating that she and the kids were discussing who is better Michael Jackson or Pharrell Williams, both good choices. The singers Twitter account has been declaring a comeback for the troubled city these last few days, but did not hint at her impending visit.

MadonnaA Visit to the Detroit Achievement Academy which opened last year on the northwest side of the city and was founded by Kyle Smitley who is an pioneer in organic apparel, was a delight for all the children. The schools aim is to provide education that is world class, and they have recently garnered national attention. Bringing quality education back to Detroit has captured the attention of Michigan native Madonna and she is fully supporting their endeavors. They say talk is cheap, so to back up her claims the pop icon showed up to give her support in person. Needless to say the Academy was thrilled to host the iconic singer, and boasted as much on their Facebook page. The kids were held captive by the blonde beauty and hung on her every word.

The singer is pictured here with women in one of the factories she visited, sporting her new coat, which turns into a sleeping bag, and a pair of hand crafted glasses. In a statement issued after her visit, Madonna proclaims in her faith that the city can come back, even though there are challenges that many believe they cannot overcome. She goes on to say that the city is full of creativity and commitment and that the opportunities and perseverance will overcome any road blocks. She saw first hand the artists and entrepreneurs and stated that she became inspired by them, and the children she met. This music diva went on to say that she looks forward to a bright future for Detroit,that she wants to help make that happen. Other places that received a surprise visit from Madonna were a downtown youth gym for boxing, that she has been tweeting and posting photo’s about.

Detroit has certainly had their challenges, from deceitful Mayor’s to the crash and bailout of the automobile industry. However, Detroit has held on these last few years, as the city has fell into disarray, but they are a long way from being done. With the casino’s and downtown nightlife still in tact, and with entrepreneurs like Kyle Smitley, the residents are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Opinions By Kristi Cereska

Detroit Free Press

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