Marilyn Monroe: Gone but Not Forgotten

marilyn monroe

Marilyn Monroe, the sensational bombshell has managed to defy reality. Although the starlet died over 50 years ago, her presence still strongly remains. Norma Jeane Baker- Mortenson, aka Marilyn Monroe was born June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, California. She had a very lucrative and exciting career in Hollywood with 33 major motion films to her credit before her untimely death in 1962. She was the most recognizable actress around the world and still is still is to this day. Marilyn Monroe may be gone but she is not forgotten!

The astonishingly gorgeous Marilyn was predestined to blossom into a Hollywood movie star. Gladys Baker- Mortenson, Monroe’s mother, worked as a film cutter for a studio in Hollywood. This was a processing lab for Hollywood studios at that particular time.

David Conover, an army photographer was assigned to take photos at the factory. He took photos of Marilyn for a spread in Yank magazine. Ronald Reagan, future U.S president and small time American actor sent Conover to the plant to take the photos of Marilyn. Those photos where the images that eventually lead to her fame.

Monroe experienced a very troubled childhood. Her mother gave her away to a foster family, where she remained until she was about seven years old. From then she was constantly migrating among relatives, ending in her always being molested or assaulted. She finally entered an orphanage where she lived until she was about 16.

Marilyn was released from the orphanage and married her very first husband, James Dougherty, who was an active soldier in the military. In 1944, Dougherty was called to carry out military duties. Not long after, Marilyn Monroe went to live with her mother-in-law.

Norma Jean began her modeling career by accident. After newly wedded Mrs. Dougherty went to live with her mother-in-law, she began working at a nearby plane factory. The army sent photographers to the factory to take photos of the women at work.

Not long into Marilyn’s career as a factory employee, she was discovered and given the opportunity to be a model. She began working for the Blue Book model agency. Her very first modeling job only paid five dollars. She progressed and by 1946, she had graced the covers of 33 magazines.

The beautiful bombshell did a screen test at Twenty Century Fox and received a contract. She then changed her name to Marilyn Monroe. She landed a role in a movie where she only had a small speaking part. In reference to, her contract was not renewed the following year.

The talent encompassed 33 movies roles before she died in 1962. Marilyn Monroe may be gone but she is not forgotten. Her films grossed more than 127 million dollars and are still being aired. The bombshell was not just a pretty face. She owned over 200 books, listened to classical music and took Literature courses at UCLA.

In spite Norma Jeane’s great success, she was a victim of depression. She along with other members of her family suffered from depression, two of her family members committed suicide while her mother was declared insane.  The celebrity attempted suicide in 1958 but failed. Her drama coach, Paula Stra saved her life.

Marilyn could have been troubled, but she was a fun loving, inspirational, beautiful being. Musician and actor Jack Lemmon said that she was such a wonderful comedienne and that she had charisma like no one before or since. Marilyn Monroe may be gone but she is not forgotten, she will  live forever long in the hearts of who are inspired by a true Hollywood angel.

Opinion by Erica Sandifer


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