Mayweather Instagram Post Calls Out ‘Trashy’ Dressing Women


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is back in the media spotlight again this week with yet another Instagram controversy. The undefeated multi-title championship holding boxer has come under scrutiny and criticism for remarks he made on the social media application. This week reports surfaced that “Money May” posted on his Instagram account Friday where he called out women who dress “trashy” as deserving of disrespect. The blunt post has caused many critics to debate if the comments were blatantly sexist.

The controversial Instagram post likened the importance of a women’s attire to advertisement. Mayweather essentially stated he had no regard for women who dressed too provocatively. He claimed “If a women shows half of her body, she’s asking to be disrespected.” The growing public discontent of Mayweather’s comments became apparent when a July 15 article was published on the Cosmopolitan website. The popular women’s magazine quickly labeled Mayweather’s response as “sexist” and argued that his hypocritical double-standards for women were only acceptable for misogynistic men. In contrast to “tacky” dressing, Mayweather argued women who had more appropriate “classy” attire should “expect to be treated like a lady.”

Much of the discontent expressed by Cosmopolitan and dismayed fans stemmed from standing up against a “confirmed sexist”, but also the fact that Mayweather’s dress code apparently did not apply to men, particularly himself. The magazine as well as supporters have argued that Mayweather posted pictures of himself in bubble baths and “half-naked.” With such logic, Cosmopolitan drew the conclusion that the public should also be able to disrespect him because his rules should apply to all sexes and persons. Some of Mayweather’s male supporters have come to his defense in retaliation to the negative publicity he has received because of the Instagram post. One supporter noted that men like the boxer’s pal Justin Bieber are often criticized about the way they dress just like women.

Mayweather, who has been a professional boxer since 1996, has enjoyed and illustrious career with eight major world titles to his resume and an undefeated record. With just two fights to his name in the last year, Mayweather topped Forbes list as the richest athlete with earnings of an estimated $105 million. However, throughout his career, the highly publicized boxer has been no stranger to media frenzies.

Last Month, Mayweather was involved in a “chair tossing” brawl with rapper T.I. on the Las Vegas strip at a Fatburger Chain. A viral video of the altercation was released on TMZ shortly after. According to Mayweather aka “Money” the incident stemmed from an argument the two celebs had over T.I’s wife, Tameeka “Tiny” Collete. The rapper’s wife posted a picture on Instagram with the fighter where she used the boxer’s hashtags. Although Mayweather did not call any women out for dressing “trashy” during the incident, but he did have something to say about the female singer/songwriter. Mayweather’s account stated that T.I. approached him in Vegas for a second time about the photo and later told the Atlanta rapper to “Control his b****.” The undefeated boxing champion has since apologized to “Tiny” for initiating the fight and “disrespecting” her for no apparent reason.

In early May, the often polarized boxing figure was at the center of yet another social media scandal. Mayweather caused a tremendous uproar when he allegedly uploaded an ultra sound picture from his ex girlfriend Shantel Jackson on his Instagram. The incident happened shortly after the couple’s break up. Mayweather sounded off on Jackson claiming the real reason why couple split was because she had an abortion and “killed our twin babies.” The prized fighter later made it clear that he in no way shape or form supports abortion and, despite removing the photo, claimed Jackson deserved “public shame” for the decision.

It is unclear if Mayweather’s most recent Instagram post calling out women for their “trashy” dressing is a direct shot at his ex, who is a former hip hop video vixen. The pair were once engaged before Jackson reportedly left the boxer, who later expressed his disdain publicly. Back in 2010, the boxer plead guilty to assault of his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris, the mother of the fighter’s three children. While outcries pour in for the removal of Mayweather’s Instagram post and an immediate apology, no such action has yet been taken by “Money May” as of yet.

Commentary by Brandon Wright

US International Business Times
Time Magazine

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