Mila Kunis Says Men Are Not Pregnant (Video)

Mila Kunis Says Men Are Not Pregnant

Mila Kunis was on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday when the host decided to talk about having babies, Ashton Kutcher’s fiance got directly to the point and said that men are not pregnant. This moment occurred a little after a proud and excited Jimmy Kimmel announced that he and his new wife Molly McNeary are having their first child. The 46 year-old performer made the statement that he and his wife were pregnant.

Kunis immediately stopped the comedian and asked if they were both pregnant, as in both Kimmel and his wife. When Jimmy answered in the affirmative, Mila ripped her microphone off, grabbed a hand mic and walked toward the camera. The lights dimmed and she began to speak by saying, “Hi I’m Mila Kunis.”

Kimmel responded “we know,” at which point Kunis told the host to “shush.” Continuing with her introduction she got straight to the point and demanded that men stop saying that they are pregnant. Mila explained that they are not. She then went into a diatribe that included references to “lady holes” and watermelons.

The skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live would not have been out of place on Saturday Night Live. It seemed spontaneous as much as it felt unscripted. Obviously it was since at one point Mila was joined by a bevy of very pregnant ladies. All the additional mothers-to-be had small tubs of what appeared to be Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen Daz ice cream. As they neared Kunis, one handed the actress her own oversized tub of ice cream.

Before her performance finale, Mila hit upon “crying to Bette Midler,” not being able to wake up to a hangover, as well as not being allowed anything bad for you, or the baby, all because pregnant women have their husband’s, or partner’s “love goblin” growing inside of them. She finished with the accusation that all you (men) did was roll over and go to sleep. Hence, men are not pregnant.

It was at this point in her tirade that Kunis was joined by all the other pregnant women on the stage, who had been hiding behind the curtain. At the verbal cue of “we are,” Mila immediately became the center piece for the line of pregnant women and the one closest to her handed the tub of ice cream over.

The audience applauded as Kunis returned to her seat and plumped the microphone and ice cream on Jimmy’s desk. Then with perfect deadpan delivery she asked if Kimmel had any questions. The beginning of the interview with Mila had the host asking if her expecting the baby was interfering with her ability to do roles. This lead nicely into the little Kunis skit.

Mila and Ashton Kutcher finally became a couple in 2012, years after playing the on-again-off-again teen-couple Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart on That ’70s Show. Apparently, in real life the two did not see each other as romantic material. It was not until Kutcher broke up with Bruce Willis’ ex wife Demi Moore and Mila separated from Macaulay Culkin that the two hooked up and became a Hollywood romantic item.

The couple announced their engagement in November 2013 and their upcoming pregnancy in March this year. However, with Mila Kunis’ announcement on Jimmy Kimmel Live that men are not pregnant, it is a pretty safe bet that Kutcher did not say that he and Mila were pregnant. If he did, Ashton probably did not repeat the statement. Here is the video of the moment on Jimmy’s show. Enjoy.

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