Miley Cyrus Residence Allegedly Broken Into for Second Time

Miley Cyrus Residence Allegedly Broken Into for Second Time

Miley Cyrus has had her home in San Fernando Valley reportedly broken into once again, for the second time. An assistant of Miley’s, according to TMZ,, and other sources, returned to the house not long after midnight on Saturday, May 31, and noticed that everything did not look like it was in the right place. It appeared as if some of Miley’s possessions had been moved, so she called the police.

Police investigating the scene detected no signs of forced entry. They are now reviewing CCTV footage from security cameras and a fingerprint unit has been sent out to her residence.

The “Party in the USA” singer was not at the San Fernando Valley house at the time of the possible break-in, nor when the police arrived.

The presumed break-in and possible burglary happened just a week after a court granted Miley Cyrus a temporary restraining order against a man from Arizona who was arrested by the police after he tried to go to Cyrus’s residence to meet the singer of “Pop Raunch” music.

If the police find evidence of a break-in and burglary, it would mark the second time her home has been allegedly burglarized. The first time was reportedly on November 22, 2013, the day before she turned 21. Miley Cyrus, who was born in Franklin, Tennessee, has stated that thousands of dollars worth of possessions were allegedly stolen from her house.

At the time of the first alleged burglary, a source told US Weekly that many “personal items” that Miley Cyrus owned had been stolen. The singer was not at home when the either incident allegedly occurred. She is currently on the European part of her Bangerz Tour.

This latest alleged break-in and possible burglary follows not long after the death of Miley’s beloved dog, Floyd, who passed away in early April. Miley Cyrus has tweeted about the emotional pain she felt at her dog’s passing, and called the day he died “the 2nd worst day of my life.” She added that she felt like she was somehow at fault, and had let her dog down: “My job was to protect him and I’m not a person that takes failure lightly.”

Miley Cyrus, like many people who own pets feel at the passing of a dog or cat, or a loved one who’s human, equated the experience to a “nightmare,” tweeting: “No matter how much I cry or beg of ‘god’ to wake me up from this nightmare, it is what it is.”

Miley Cyrus still feels that emotional pain and loss, and tweeted on Sunday that she was in the sort of mood to “just cry in the shower for no reason.” Also, she tweeted that if she didn’t have a concert in Helsinki on Sunday night, “I would lay in bed and miss Floyd alllllll day.”

Being a popular singer and earning millions of dollars, Miley Cyrus has learned, doesn’t exclude a person from feeling the emotional pain of losing a beloved pet, or of feeling wronged and violated when one’s house is broken into. Nobody can be at home 24/7, to protect it, if one could; and, nobody can prevent the death of a pet or loved one from occurring, other than making sure that he or she gets sufficient medical care; but, that doesn’t mean that the feelings of loss or guilt become any less, knowing that.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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