Miranda Lambert Is the Country Queen of ‘Rolling Stone’


Miranda Lambert

It is easy to see why Miranda Lambert is the country queen of Rolling Stone after listening to her new album. It is edgy, raw, and she is not afraid to be bold, as is evident in her track titled Old Sh!t. Although her newest album, Platinum, enters very smoothly, starting off with a calm and easy-listening song, Girls, Lambert is as tough as ever in her new boldly titled LP. Not many artists would muster the courage to name an album with such a lofty goal. Albeit for Lambert, it does not matter.  Within the first week of her album’s debut, she is already nearing well over 130,000 albums sold, towering over many other releases this week, including Led Zeppelin and Coldplay.

Lambert is married to, non-arguably, the sexiest country star, Blake Shelton.  He is the boy-next-door sweetheart who wins fans over season after season on the hit TV show The Voice.  He can be found swooning the ladies and winning word battles with fellow judge Adam Levine.  The Adam/Blake duo is almost as intoxicating as Miranda and Blake.Miranda Lambert

This Friday marks the first ever country artist on the cover of Rolling Stone, as well as the launch of the new Rolling Stone Country Website, which is dedicated solely to country music.  It is a smart move on the enterprise’s part, as country music is bigger and better than ever!

Similar to Marilyn Monroe, Lambert can be who anyone wants her to be. Platinum is living proof of that. There is a song on it for everyone. From old school country, to swing music, to love ballads, there is something to delight even the faintest country music fan.

Lambert is as confident as ever, especially after being asked to be the first ever country artist on the cover of Rolling Stone.  When Lambert heard that they wanted her, she was pumped.  She even sings about swagger, dropping jaws, and slowing a “rolling stone” in her third song, Little Red Wagon. Especially within the country music scene, Rolling Stone is as rock and roll as can get, a complete honor.  Lambert says that as a musician, Rolling Stone is the ultimate goal and adds a notch to the artistic belt. It is a sign of respect and accomplishment, and Lambert deserves it all. Queens aim to please, and Lambert proves she’s earned her title by being good enough for Rolling Stone.

Lambert’s been the brunt of many fat jokes, with the media poking and prodding about her weight. Luckily, she has a sense of humor about it and jokes that she has been pregnant for two years.  Her most recent photos are a complete turnaround from what the media has been attacking.  Lambert embodies a healthier lifestyle, and it shows.  Her arms are toned, her tummy tight, and her thighs rival Jessica Simpson in her Daisy Dukes.

The Rolling Stone article highlights Lambert in her element– in the country with gorgeous horses.  She sports cowboy boots, a comfortable white tank top, and shorts from her own Pink Pistol Boutique. On the cover of Platinum, she wears a long flowing black dress, which has a split up the middle showing off her hard work in the gym.  Lambert is beautiful and stunning. In short, Miranda Lambert is perfect as Rolling Stone’s Country Queen.

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