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Snapchat’s new feature released on Tuesday is called Our Story.  The mobile app will be first tested at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) this weekend. This app came after the feature My Story was added, which lets users share different moments with their friends throughout a 24-hour period, by posting and creating a narrative of a day in their lives.

My story, which was released in October, 2013, only shares photos or videos from one person to their Snapchat friends, and until Tuesday there was no way to share one story that came from different people’s perspectives. The new feature, Our Story, will create a collective shared experience where everyone at the same event will be able to share their posts and create one storyline, like a photo album or mini documentary.

The first event where Snapchat’s mobile app new feature will be released is this weekend at the EDC festival. Snapchat stated on its blog on Tuesday that it wants people to share their different point of views of this event with pictures and videos to offer more of a shared-community perspective. Those attending the festival will use this group-sharing feature by adding a snap to Our EDC Story to share their experience with any Snapchat user. This will be a public viewable story, and users must also turn on their geo-location for the app to recognize that they are at the event. Snapchat has also stated that it will offer free WIFI at the event to make this a better experience. Those not attending the festival will not be left out. They will still have the chance to see the EDC story snaps by adding EDC Live on the mobile app. The company has expressed that they will watch over the content shared at Our EDC Story for any illegal activity posted that will be removed, and to watch if the story gets too long for viewers. The new feature does not require a new download as it is already part of the mobile app.

According to Mashable, the new addition to Snapchat will make users open the app even if they do not have a message waiting. The new feature will let people see what others are doing with the use of the collective story, just like Twitter does with the use of hashtags. Snapchat has not said if it will release the use of this new feature to smaller groups. Mashable states that it is possible that if this new addition to the mobile app becomes open to the public, people might start using it to know of events happening locally, and this in turn might bring some revenue to the company and add more users to Snapchat.

The mobile app released a YouTube video on Tuesday, which is also available on Snapchat that gives a little preview of EDC, and shows users how they can add content to the new Our Story feature while at the event. Many people that will be attending the festival, and even those who will only experience EDC through their phones, have expressed their excitement though social media for the new additional feature on this mobile app.

By Marcia Villavicencio


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