Motor City Masters: Detroit Doing What It Does Best

Motor CityThe term Motor City brings to mind cars, workmanship, and world-class automakers and designers. truTV will be showcasing these designers in a new reality show with a bundle of celebrity judges, and Brooke Burns as the host. The premise of the show, which is premiering June 24 at 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time, is to take 10 designers with experience in automobiles, and get them to build a concept car based on that week’s theme. The contestants have various backgrounds and specialties but all have one thing in common, a passion to design and build cars. The vehicles must be functional although they do not have to be street legal. The two head judges are Jean Jennings of Automobile Magazine, and car designer of international infamy Harald Belker. Motor City Masters and truTV have also revealed their celebrity judges for season one, and they include Melissa Joan Hart, Jesse Metcalfe and Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy, to name a few.

This competition series is searching for the greatest car designers and has collaborated with Chevy, with appearances by GM’s Vice President (VP) Edward T. Welburn Jr. for his work in global designs. Other guest judges include a celebrity trainer of dogs, designers from Mattel Hot Wheels, and movie fabricators. Every week will hold a new theme for the contestants, one such theme will be tied into the release of the new Transformer movie, Age of Extinction. Themes will be diverse and engaging, like turning a Chevy into a NASCAR race car. These designs will even include the needs of everyday people such as busy families and business executives. The designers will be judged on their overall execution including interior, exterior, and the creativity in which they put it together. Winning this competition will be a lot of work and totally worth it when one will be crowned The Next Great Car Designer, the champion will walk away with 100 thousand dollars and a Camaro Z28. The winner will also be invited to showcase their designs at major auto shows, and will become a ‘Brand Ambassador’ for General Motors.

Motor CityMotor City Masters sounds like it will be a face paced, heart racing competition for innovative car design centered around various places in the U.S. The premier will be held at Pocono Raceway for NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series, where the designers will get their feet wet in their first challenge. Automotive journalist Jean Jennings, is expected to put in an appearance at the kick off of the series, where it is said she will be blogging directly from the raceway. The show will also be interactive for its fans and followers, offering the chance to have their very own concept car sketched out by an artist. The lucky person will then have their photo taken with the sketch, having it seemingly placed on the cover of Automobile Magazine, and available for download, and to share over social media.

Motor City Masters is going to be the reality show to watch this year, it has competitiveness, creativity and killer concept cars.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska


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