Much More to Story of Georgia Man Arrested In Death of Toddler Left in SUV

Much More to Story of Georgia Man Arrested In Death of Toddler Left in SUV

There is apparently much more to the story of the Georgia man who was arrested in the death of his toddler left in a SUV. On June 19, the Guardian Liberty Voice brought readers a story about Justin Ross Harris, age 33, a Georgia resident who had left his 22-month-old infant son in the back of a blazing SUV while he was at work. Harris ended up being charged in the murder of the child. He was supposed to have dropped the baby off at daycare that morning before he went to work at 9 a.m. A link to that story is at the bottom of this article.
The baby was left in his car seat and the father discovered him dead after he had been apparently left alone in the steaming hot car for over seven hours, the father had become hysterical and was loudly yelling and blaming himself for the death. He then was arrested and now faces severe criminal charges. However everything apparently was not what it seemed and there appears to be much more to the story. At least it looks that way with how the Cobb County, Georgia police are presenting themselves in the investigation at this time.

Police Sergeant Dana Pierce, of Cobb County, spoke to various media sources on Friday and stated that circumstances leading up to the death of the young child had reportedly changed since it had been was reported. He refused to give any other details but stated the police had an ongoing investigation. However the words he spoke made it very obvious that this case was probably not going to stay an investigation into just a tragic accident of a forgotten infant left inside a boiling hot automobile.

It was on Wednesday of last week around 4 p.m. when Harris left his work place and started home in his Hyundai Tucson. He told police that was when he noticed his son was still inside his car seat and was unresponsive. Eyewitnesses declared they saw Harris speed into the Cobb County Akers Mill Square shopping center and slam his vehicle to a stop while he overlapped two lanes of traffic. He rushed out of the vehicle, opened the back door and put the baby on the concrete. He then began CPR.

The sergeant explained that within a few minutes, first responders had arrived on scene and proceeded to attempt resuscitation efforts as well. They also began questioning Harris about what had happened. Sergeant Pierce stated the responders said that several answers Harris gave them did not seem to make sense. He was later arrested and his work office searched but it has not been released if anything was found. On Thursday, Harris gave a plea of not guilty to the charges of felony murder and cruelty to children. He is now being held at the Cobb County Jail without any bond available. He can be held in jail until July 15.

The dead baby’s mother, Leanna Harris told the media she had been instructed not to discuss the case with anyone. Pierce stated that she and the police had been in touch with each other throughout the investigation so far but he again refused to speak about her level of involvement if any.

The  Cobb County medical examiner stated that an autopsy performed on the baby had been completed but admitted there were still more questions to be answered. The examiner, along with the police will continue to work on finding out what was the manner and cause of death.

Harris’ arrest warrant stated that metro Atlanta temperatures reached a high of nearly 90 degrees on Wednesday afternoon. Harris told police and emergency medical personnel that he had left his son in the SUV since 9 a.m. that morning but Pierce declared on Friday that he could not confirm the infant had actually been in the car at that morning hour as Harris said.

There is apparently much more to the story of the Georgia man who was arrested in the death of his toddler left in a SUV and the Guardian Liberty Voice will continue to follow this story until its resolution.

By Kimberly Ruble


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