Netflix Is Changing the Way Television Is Watched


Nowadays more and more viewers are tuning in to Netflix as opposed to regular television, this online way of watching series and movies is changing the way people enjoy their favorite programs. Netflix has even begun creating its own original series, some of which are a bigger hit than series airing on television channels. This new trend goes to show that the idea of watching a series in its entirety is more popular as opposed to waiting week after week for a new episode to air.

Shows like “House of Cards” and “Orange is The New Black” are immensely popular amongst teenagers as well as adults due to their simplicity of being aired all at once as well as the comfort of being watched anywhere. As long as a computer is available, these shows along with others can be enjoyed in any location, so long as there is proper internet connection.

It can be said that Netflix series are surpassing television series as some of those series have won awards, however Netflix may not necessarily be a good change for everyone. Having the power to watch an entire season at once can be damaging as it causes people to spend endless hours staring at their television set or computer screen. This is an unhealthy habit to form and series like “House of Cards” have such a strong fan base surrounding them that fans cannot help but watch the entire season at once. According to a recent study, American spend approximately five hours every day watching television. This number has significantly increased since the 1990s. Five hours a day of watching television averages out to nearly 34 hours per week. Perhaps Netflix is making Americans even more lazy, however the ease of it is enough for anyone to justify its potential bad qualities. Netflix is changing the way television is watched, and whether some see it as a good change or bad change, the majority of the population seems to be in favor of this new trend.

Netflix is loved for its ability to stream movies right in the comfort of one’s home, however it is more known for its original series spark. Between 2012 and 2013 Netflix produced nine original series. Four of those series will be continuing their upcoming season in 2014. However, Netflix is not slowing down yet. Plans to come out with another several original series are in the works for the upcoming years.

The part about Netflix that really attracts its customers is the incredibly affordable price. Subscribers of Netflix only have to pay $7.99 per month. This is a shockingly smaller bill than a cable bill. This could mean the smarter choice is to forego cable all together and instead subscribe to Netflix. A vast amount of college kids made the decision to skip cable and opt for Netflix instead, and they never looked back.

Netflix allows for television to be on the terms of the viewer. No longer is it necessary to sit down at a designated show time, complain through the commercials, and wait another whole week to find out what happens next. It is all about the now or whenever, Netflix works according to the viewer not according to the company that owns the network. Netflix is changing the way television is watched and it is about time everyone get on board.

Opinion By Amena S. Chaudhri

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