Nicki Minaj Bares Her Boobs at Summer Jam

Nicki Minaj

One of the highlights of the Summer Jam was Nicki Minaj in all her glory with her breasts prominently on display for everyone to see. She did however use her favorite star nipple covers, but with the see through chain mail top not much was left to the imagination. Fans are used to seeing the busty singer in crazy and colorful attire, but it seems she traded that for an almost sedate look. The flashy singer slash rapper was the first woman to headline this event since 2008 which boasted Alicia Keys as the main act. Minaj was booked in 2012 but that never panned out. That was the year that the DJ that was hosting announced that he was there to talk about real hip hop, and could not relate to a bunch of women singing Starship. Quite a bold and ultimately stupid statement, and it left the singer with more important places to be than in his presence. Her performance was so flawless, it was as if she wanted to make sure that no one would ever say she could not hold her own in the male dominated rap industry.

Nicki Minaj hit this years Summer Jam with a vengeance, sporting a chain mail top, mic encrusted with pink crystals, and belting out such hits as Monster. She took it back old school and then brought it home with her newer hits like Lookin Ass. She was joined by Lil Herb and Young Thug for a remix of Chiraq and Danny Glover. The pop diva belted it out with enthusiasm and passion and complete confidence, and if that DJ was watching he had to have known how very wrong he was about Nicki not being a hip hop star. She radiated stardom and dominated the stage to the delight of the audience. Minaj even pulled a prank on the crowd stating that she had a beef with Drake, and that she used to love him but no more. The stunned crowd grew hushed and then the boo’s started just as Drake walked out on stage to sounds of Worst Behavior, and the crowd loved it. It is said that Minaj just smiled, thrilled with putting one over on the crowd. Those that were lucky enough to score front row seats got more than they bargained for, as Nicki’s top fluttered up exposing fully naked boobs, except for those two, not so little star stickers.

This delightful diva certainly showed she could hold her own with her male counterparts at this festival, and her fans found her subdued look fabulous. She is known for her outrageous wigs and her colorful, oh so colorful outfits, so seeing her in a more natural state was a total crowd pleaser. Minaj delivered a performance that lasted almost an hour and gave the party goers old and new Nicki, including her new Pills N Potions songThere has been nothing but rave reviews for her performance and her look, and she certainly did not leave anyone wanting at this show.

Opinions by Kristi Cereska

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