Olympic Gold Medalist Charlie White Announces His Engagement

Olympic Gold Medalist Charlie White Announces His Engagement

Dancing With the Stars alumni and Olympic gold medal-winning ice dancer Charlie White is getting married! He proposed to his girlfriend, Tanith Belbin, who is also an ice dancer, this past Tuesday while they both were vacationing together in beautiful Hawaii, and the answer was an enthusiastic “Yes!” Charlie White then took to Instagram and announced the news of their engagement there.

There have been rumors both that White’s fellow Olympic gold medal winner and ice dancing partner, Meryl Davis, and he have been romantically linked, and that Meryl and Maks Chmerkovskiy are romantically involved with each other; but, both rumors are just that, rumors.

Belbin has stated that it doesn’t bother her when people get the idea that Charlie White, 26, and Meryl are an item. After all, making their affection for each other seem to be real is at least part of the reason why they won the gold in Sochi. The same goes for how close and intimate Charlie White appeared to get with his Dancing With the Stars pro dance partner, Sharna Burgess.

In 2006, Belbin and her long-time Olympic ice dancing partner, Ben Agosto, won the silver medal. She realizes that the chemistry a couple has on the ice or the dance floor doesn’t always mean that they are also romantically involved off of the ice or dance floor.

Charlie White displayed amazing dancing talents not only in Sochi, but also on the Dancing With the Stars dance floor, making it all the way to the semi-final round. Though he did not end up winning (White’s Olympic ice dancing partner Meryl, and her pro dance partner, Maks, won), he gained even more new fans with his impressive dancing skills and charisma.

After winning gold in the Winter Olympics in Sochi with Meryl Davis, who he’s been ice dancing with for 17 years, and the months that Charlie White spent competing on Dancing With the Stars, he then toured with an Ice Capades-like show called Stars on Ice. With all of that and the media attention White’s been receiving temporarily behind him, he and his girlfriend Tanith Belbin (now his bride-to-be) decided to take a well earned vacation in Hawaii.

Meryl Davis, who is also vacationing in Hawaii this week, seemed to be genuinely happy for Charlie White and his betrothed, and she wrote her congratulations to them on Twitter. Meryl and Charlie White have had a long and very successful ice dancing career together, winning six U.S. titles a silver medal in Vancouver and two world championships titles. Also, White and Meryl, at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, became the first Americans to win the Olympic gold medal for ice dancing.

Charlie White announced one more thing on Instagram — that he and Meryl were going to take all of next season off. He likely wants to use the time off to spend more time with the love of his life, Tanith Belbin, and to perhaps start a family of future Olympians together. White stated “We’ll be taking the 2014-15 season away from competition.” He and Meryl will, however, continue performing together in non-competitive shows, such as Stars on Ice.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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