Pacific Rim 2 Coming In 2017

pacific rim 2

Pacific Rim was one of the most successful movies of 2013 and left action fans asking for more. Now, director Guillermo Del Toro has announced that Pacific Rim 2 is coming in 2017. The first movie is seen as a loving tribute to Japanese movies and anime series featuring giant robots and monsters like GodzillaNeon Genesis Evangelion, and many others. Despite its obvious inspirations, Pacific Rim makes great efforts to include characters of many nationalities, depicting the extra-dimensional Kaiju invasion as a world-wide crisis. Pacific Rim did its best to add to genre conventions with plot points like a giant robot (Jaeger) from each major nation and a requirement that each Jaeger be piloted by two compatible people at once.

The first Pacific Rim action film took a lot of criticism for sacrificing plot for large-scale battles, but fans of the film are quick to defend its priorities. Many point out that the appeal of the film is obviously its visuals and over analyzing the plot and dialogue, is merely choosing to make the film less enjoyable. Still, others contend that a focus on action is no excuse for odd plot holes; like the main characters waiting until after many comrades have died before using their most powerful weapon, right before their impending demise. Despite a seemingly lacking script, many enjoy the over the top dialogue just as much as the over the top action, especially when delivered by fan favorite actors like Idris Elba. Despite its outlandish visual style Pacific Rim has been lauded for its immersive computer generated characters and battles. In many movies excessive CGI can be obviously distinguished from surrounding scenery or characters, breaking audience’s suspension of disbelief. Pacific Rim manages to use incredible amounts of CGI material while maintaining a consistent visual palette. By the time Pacific Rim 2 comes out in 2017, the standards for visual effects will be even higher and it will be up to Del Toro and his team to set the bar once again.

Del Toro has stated that there are several scenes and ideas that did not fit into the first movie that would fit very well into the sequel. The director also plans to expand on many revelations from the first film such as the hive mind of the Kaiju and possibly combining Kaiju and Jaegers. Pacific Rim 2 will apparently also be arriving with an animated series, bringing the concept full circle. The main appeal of Pacific Rim  was to take the bizarre and extreme robot vs. monster concepts of many anime series and bring them to life in a big budget western movie. Now Del Toro’s creation will be moving into the animated world that so clearly inspired it. Having an animated series as well as a full-blown sequel will allow for Del Toro and company to expand in detail upon many of the unique concepts introduced, but not elaborated on in the first film. The director has also shown interest in crossing over with Godzilla, but no concrete evidence of any plans to do so has surfaced yet. Fans of the original Pacific Rim will surely be excited for a second offering, and those who felt that the first entry was lacking in some aspects can hope for a more complete film. There is no doubt that when Pacific Rim 2 comes in 2017 it will be bigger in every way.

By Matt Isaacs

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