Paolo Nutini Rolling Towards a Breakout

Paolo Nutini

Scottish singer and songwriter Paolo Nutini finds himself on a roll as he works his way toward becoming a breakout star.  He has much to say and not all of his discussion comes through his music. The award winning and UK platinum selling performer is in the middle of a tour and recently weighed in regarding topics related to other performers. The 27-year-old acknowledges that he has smoked marijuana every day since the age of 16 and believes that the One Direction stars recently under fire for pot use should not suffer any negative consequences. Further, Nutini took Miley Cyrus to task for the sexual nature of her stage costumes, implying that she is much less of a role model for her young fans than the members of One Direction.

Nutini released his third album this two months ago entitled Caustic Love, which follows Sunny Side from 2009 and These Streets released in 2006. His first two albums sold over two million copies and Caustic Love sales have thus far exceeded 300,000. Nutini’s R & B sound draws critical acclaim, even drawing comparisons to the iconic Otis Redding. He can draw on influences from ska, folk and blues to reach his audience. He is viewed as a versatile performer, with a soulful voice and rich instrumental talent. The young Scot has the ability to put raw emotion into every song.

The recent statements made by Nutini regarding marijuana use are likewise raw and unfiltered, similar to his music. Paolo Nutini clearly has thoughts on the subject. Garnering attention for the last 10 years through his musical talents, the singing star is now drawing some flak for his unfiltered comments about marijuana use. Law enforcement officials and medical experts have offered their opposition to his musings that marijuana use is not worse than alcohol. While many agree with the singer’s position, he is venturing into a controversial realm by making a stand for marijuana use.  Nevertheless, Nutini will likely consider the criticism a mere speed bump as he rolls along toward breakout stardom.

Nutini’s current tour includes performances all across the UK, Europe and the U.S. Upcoming stops will include Amsterdam, Cork, Monte Carlo, Genoa, Rome, San Francisco, Boston and New York. The no nonsense performer known for closing his eyes while singing will gain worldwide exposure from his Caustic Love tour. Reporters covering his concerts will now probably continue to question the singer about his marijuana use and his thoughts on Miley Cyrus. Although the Scot’s previous comments on those matters were no doubt his beliefs, his interview statements could detract from his musical message.

Paolo Nutini first began to catch musical attention while still in his teens, with a much more mature sound than other performers close to his age and even older. After taking a five year break from recording an album before releasing Caustic Love, the performer seems poised for a breakout. Most reviewers love his new album and his live performances also draw acclaim as well. Nutini is not merely a studio performer. As his live performance acclaim spreads across the Atlantic, Paolo Nutini will have much to say as he rolls along toward breakout stardom. His fans will have much to look forward to over the next few months as he continues his current tour.

By William Costolo

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