People of Walmart: The Fascination Continues [Video]


What is it about the people of Walmart that fascinates the world so much? Many people have gone out, not looking their best, and some have gone out about town in what many would classify as a costume, or inappropriate. So how did this fixation on people who shop at one particular store get to these epic proportions?

This giant discount retailer was founded in the sixties and was in direct competition to Kmart, however lower prices and the fact that they built superstores which offered everything from food to clothing, soon set them apart. Deep discount means that consumers from all walks of life are likely to shop there, and it seems that it has become the mecca of come as you are, no need to dress up, or even put on pants that fit for that matter.

Looking through the pictures of the sometimes outrageous outfits, and the even more outlandish characters that wear them, makes the viewer smile and be even more thankful for the fact that most people have mirrors in their homes. Suddenly things don’t look so bad and the fascination becomes a contest to those that seek out these fashion challenged patrons, to see who will find the most interesting, and yes, the funniest one of them all.

walmart1The worlds biggest retailer has grown larger with each passing year, surpassing even GM and General Electric. With sales over two hundred billion a year, one only has to imagine that people watching would be at its best at any one of the local super stores.

In this era of camera phones, it has become easy to capture the unwitting shopper and disappear into the canned foods aisle, until it is time to upload the coveted photos. It is so popular that there is a website and a Facebook page devoted to the fashion challenged patrons, and those that just make the viewer ask ‘Why?’. No one is safe from the Walmart paparazzi, not the older shoppers or the shoppers with a little more junk in the trunk, as evidenced by the video below. There are even those that will take all these pictures and make it even more convenient to view.

Why would a fan of the people of Walmart series take the time to page through the website or go to their Facebook page to get their smiles on? Even though some of these photographers add charming and witty annotations to the pictures, a video montage is just the thing to brighten one’s day. The video below suggests that the Walmart shoppers in this photo slide show believe that they are looking good, and it is set to LMFAO’s hit, Sexy and I Know It. It covers shoppers from all over the United States, and there are multiple video’s covering the last few years. These musical slide shows get more hits than many other comedic video’s, amassing anywhere from 20 thousand hits to over a million views. It seems that the world is indeed fascinated with the people of Walmart, and the photo’s and videos will just keep on coming.

Opinions by Kristi Cereska

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