Rihanna Is Rogue

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Rihanna is Rogue and that would be the name of the perfume for which she is advertising. Just two days before at the CFDA awards in New York City, she wore a dress (not just any dress) and exposed skin a la designer style.

Rihanna is Rihanna and her ability to keep the reinvention and the creativity flowing at such a young age makes many wonder what are they are doing with our own lives. Now the British have banned her advertisements of the ‘sultry pose’ as too provocative. This came on Wednesday, when the United Kingdom stated it does not want school children to see the ad with an almost nude Rihanna, looking so sultry into the camera. The 26-year-old singer from Barbados has stilettos, a few tattoos and not much else on.

Rihanna At the CFDA’s, which is the Council of Fashion Designers Awards, she simply stunned. Swarovki crystals and fur, adorned with a turban head wrap and makeup reminiscent of the Gatsby look, brought history to 2014. Glamorous doesn’t even begin to define Rihanna, in the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City. She is glamorous, modern and out on the ledge. She is defining. She is rogue.

Rihanna appeared in Paris yesterday in a full length pewter pants ensemble with gold adornment, presenting her new fragrance at the Sephora store on Champs-Elysee, the famous avenue.

Rogue means to no longer be the obedient one or be acceptable. It is to live mischievously or possibly like a vagabond. To the extreme it means to cheat. Could this be a subliminal pink message to women, to stand up?

The full length, pink hued gown made of 230,000 Swarovski crystals was made by designer Adam Selman. Rihanna may have bespoke of a 1920’s era, but she gave it her glittering style, her rogue flair. Her own stylist may not be as comfortable as she is. Mel Ottenberg says, “I’m the prude and I’m just catching up.”

Rihanna Fashion magazines like Vogue give their approval. Monday, Rihanna received the CFDA 2014 Fashion Icon Award, which was presented to her by Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. Rihanna said, “Fashion should never be frustrating, it should be fun.” Somehow, we have no problem believing that as she glided with ease in such a revealing gown, custom made that suited her perfectly, marking her statement.

Apparently, Family Guy’s Peter Griffin wore a dress just like Rihannas and then tweeted about it. The cartoon dad even had the exposed nipples with captions of ‘Who Wore it Best?’ Rihanna’s twitter avi is now the cartoon dad with the similiar gown. Seems like fun, seems like Rihanna. After all, when they do satire of you, that is actually flattery to the extreme. To take her creativity, style, or whatever and satirize it to make people laugh, probably brings it full circle.

RihannaSense of humor is something we can all use and not be so serious towards each other all the time. Rihanna gets this it seems; Rihanna is Rogue.

She did delete her instagram account because their policy may be more restrictive. RiRi as some call her, has plenty of space on social medias for expression of her brand new 2014 Fashion Icon status.

Opinion by Kim Troike