Russell Brand Calls for Revolution Again

Russell Brand

Russell Brand has called for revolution again. This time the comedian has taken to the protesting group the People’s Assembly Against Austerity, urging people to rise up against the government. The group was formed a year ago, with various MPs, including the late Tony Benn, signing an open letter against the austerity measure put in place by the UK’s coalition government.

The comedian is extremely vocal when it comes to politics, surprising many people who had no interest in him before. He was not originally on the list of co-signers of the open letter, but that has not stopped him from sharing his views on the current political issues in the United Kingdom, and his belief on how things can change. The People’s Assembly even seems to have decided to let him be their spokesperson or poster boy because of the eloquent way he puts his arguments forward.

Brand has spoken out about the current way the government is handling the economic crisis, arguing against the austerity measures that have seen some of the poorest families hit. He made it clear that the people are those with the power, and not the government. However, the people need to use that power, and that is through a revolution. Previously, he has urged people not to vote, but in the most recent local and European elections the people did vote. Instead of the main three parties seeing an increase in votes, the UK Independence Party saw a growth.

Brand now calls for a revolution again, and this time in front of around 50,000 people. He also urged that the protests remain peaceful, and wants a joyful revolution. There is no point in acting out illegally, as it just weakens the effect of the protests.

This is not the first time that the Comedian has spoken out, and remains eloquent every time he does it. Rather than rambling about something, he uses statistics and facts to support his arguments. When up against Jeremy Paxman, who is known for getting politicians to actually answer the questions, he explained clearly why not voting was the best decision. It would tell the government that people were not happy with any of the parties. Paxman attacked Brand for that view, but later admitted to not voting in an election, and accepted that the comedian was right.

While not voting can bring revolution, it can also cause problems. Paxman later admitted that it could lead to people losing the right that generations before them had fought so hard to gain. Right now, not voting will still lead to a government telling the public what to do and what not to do. This is why some people have opted for protest votes, such as those seen in May 2014.

However, that potential downfall will not stop the comedian, who has never voted in his life. He continues to ask people to stop voting and help bring change to the current political system. Brand joined the People’s Assembly Against Austerity in protest in London, and again called for revolution.

By Alexandria Ingham


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