San Antonio Spurs Awaken a Cramping Giant in Lebron James

Lebron James

Like a pack of rabid hyenas, San Antonio Spurs fans jumped all over the Lebron James cramping incident, and took to the internet to display their “Lebroning” photos. Unfortunately, for the Spurs and their fans, nobody told them that it is probably unwise to prod an injured grizzly bear. Once that bear awakens, and it recovers from an injury that is far out of its control, it will pounce on its prey with great force, and proceed to chew and chomp its enemy. Once it has completed devouring its meal, it will calmly rise up and guide its team to a second game victory in the NBA Finals.

San Antonio fans were riding high after their game one victory, as everything was peachy-keen in the great state of Texas, but perhaps Spurs fans have never heard that you never want to awaken a sleeping giant. Usually, these types of things end poorly, and in retrospect, regret often follows. What they also failed to take into consideration was that James was not sleeping at all. His body simply failed him, he cramped up, and could not continue for the remainder of one single game, in what is shaping up to be a very long series. They must have forgotten that King James is the greatest player in the NBA, and before all is said and done, he will most likely go down as one of the best of all-time. It is the NBA Finals, and no further motivation is needed for players to elevate their game to the next level, but the mocking and prodding, poking and jabbing at Lebron just may have given him a sixth gear, and a tinge more motivation to rip the Spurs to pieces. It may not have been the wisest reaction to an injury, and if the Heat win the series, some may look back on this moment as a turning point.

If there is anyone that should be mocked, it is Lebron James’ counterpart, Dwayne Wade. With four minutes to go in the first half of game two, Wade took a vicious air elbow that came a whole foot from scraping him across the nose. It was sad and pathetic enough to make the late, great Macho Man Randy Savage’s acting skills look like Robert DeNiro. For his Oscar worthy performance, Wade has been slapped with a $5,000 fine by the NBA. If Spurs fans want to strap up, grab their iPhones and take video of themselves taking imaginary jabs to the face, go for it, but to take to the internet in response to a player leaving a game due to something way out of their control is a different story.

Lebron James went for 35 points and 10 boards in the Heat’s 98-96 victory in San Antonio on Sunday night, as the series is now knotted at one a piece. While the hundreds of “Lebroning” photos created quite a buzz throughout the country, and provided some deep belly laughs for the Spurs faithful for a night or two, they may look back and say that mocking Lebron may not have been their finest response.

Commentary by Johnny Caito

Sports Illustrated
USA Today

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