Saved by the Bell to Get Lifetime Movie

Saved by the Bell

Saved by the Bell is to get a Lifetime movie made. This is more than just following the favorite characters like Zach Morris and Mr. Balding. This is a chance to see a fictional story of the antics that happened behind the scenes.

Many people know that it was not easy to be a member of the Saved by the Bell cast. There were various antics going on, and backstabbing between the various members. Books and specials after the end of the show in 1993 released the gory details, but this is the first time that those antics will be put on the screens in a fictional adaptation.

This new release is an unauthorized one, and so far there is little known about the type of antics that will be shared. There were a number of stories that emerged during and after the show’s success, including addiction to caffeine pills and the alleged rape of a girl who was later paid to keep quiet. Some of the stories came from Dustin Diamond, who released a tell-all book, but have not been confirmed as having any truth to them.

However, it seems like the movie is not just a chance to share the antics of Mark-Paul Gosselaar and his five other teen stars. This is a chance for Lifetime to tell the movie of children growing up in the spotlight. The Lifetime Saved by the Bell movie will go into the trouble of the teens trying to keep a clean image because of the admiring characters they played. Many children wanted to be just like one or many of the characters on the show, so it was important for parents that the actors portrayed themselves in the same way.

This was not the only show that had to deal with this type of scrutiny. Power Rangers has also had the same trouble over the years. Children find it much harder to distinguish between an actor and a character than adults do, so the actors really have to think about how they act off-screen to set the best examples for their fans.

So far, only the cast has been announced for the unauthorized movie based on a true story. Dylan Everett, who played a young Dean Winchester in Supernatural will take the role of Zach Morries. He will be joined by another Supernatural alum Tiera Skovbye, who will play Everett’s onscreen love interest Kelly Kapowski. The two are joined by Julian Works, Sam Kindseth, Alyssa Lynch and Taylor Russel McKenzie, who will take the roles of Screech, A.J. Slater, Lisa Turtle and Jessie Spano respectively.

The movie will be aired on September 1, when fans will finally get to some of those stories portrayed on the screen for the first time. It is one thing to hear or read about it happening, but another thing to see it. The stories may surprise some viewers, especially those who have not read Diamond’s book or watched the specials. It has been a long time coming, but Saved by the Bell is finally getting the Lifetime movie fans expected and wanted to see.

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