Shannen Doherty Considers Adopting a Baby

Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty is considering adopting a baby with her husband Kurt Iswarienko. The former Beverly Hills: 90210 star has gone a long way from being accused of being a home-wrecked and her supposed feud on the set of witch show Charmed.

The actress is on her third marriage now, but is finally ready to have children. Believing Iswarienko will make a great father. It was two years ago that her then-fiance tested her with her parenting skills by offering to babysit one of his friend’s babies. The whole event was taped for Doherty’s reality TV show at the time, and showed her confronting her photographer fiance about whether this was testing her about whether she was ready for a family.

While looking after the baby, the two found it extremely difficult. They could not console the crying boy, and took their frustrations out on each other. In the end, the actress said that she considered never having children, while her fiance at the time stated he was going to get a vasectomy. The two also said they would never babysit again.

The Charmed star’s relationship with her husband was not all smiles for everyone involved. When the two met in 2008, Iswarienko was still married to Taryn Band. He later filed for divorce and then married his now-wife of two years.

It seems the drama over the baby may have just been one of those bad nights. Now Doherty is considering adopting a baby, but the couple was considering having their own at one point. When she was 41, she was seen gaining weight and admitted that it may have helped her get pregnant. She was also arranging for a nursery to be added into her home.

She did make it clear that adoption was on the cards from that moment two years ago. While talking about having children the traditional route, she admitted that it may not be something meant to be. After that, she said there were “plenty of children” who needed loving homes, and she hinted that it could be an option for her and her husband.

At the time, the two were happy enough together, and just wanted to focus on their lives with each other. If anything else came from that, they were happy with it. It was all a matter of fate, and trusting that fate would guide them on the paths they were meant to follow.

Now that the two have not been successful in conceiving a baby, Doherty has decided that adoption may be the only option to have a child. She definitely knows that she is with the right man for this journey. When recently talking about her photographer husband, the 90210 star admitted that they clearly loved each other because he would find her funny despite not thinking of herself as funny in any way.

The question will be over the name for the child. Back in 2012, she made it clear that she never wanted to take her husband’s last name and that she wanted her children to have her last name. That is something the two could not agree on at the time. They will have to think about it now since Doherty is considering adopting a baby with him.

By Alexandria Ingham


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