Shia LaBeouf Bad Boy Image Puts Damper on Childhood Fame and Career

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shia labeouf
Shia LaBeouf, age 28, started his career as a young child star with Disney. Because he has been very successful and well liked during the early stages of his career, it is puzzling how he formed a different, bad boy image for himself. Many fear his successful career will eventually take a dramatic turnaround. In addition, some sources are even worried that LaBeouf’s adult behavior may put a damper on his childhood fame.

The latest report of the actor’s alleged ill behavior occurred on June 26. LeBeouf was arrested outside of the Studio 54 Broadway theatre, in New York, just two weeks after his birthday. Reports indicate Labeouf was seen smoking inside the theatre while the production was in progress. LaBeouf was officially charged with two counts of misconduct and one count of criminal trespassing. LaBeouf was also cited for slapping the rear ends of patrons who came to see the Broadway show, Cabaret. Sources said the star’s behavior was very inappropriate and made employees very cross. Shortly after the fiasco, the police were called to the scene and LaBeouf was arrested and booked, then released several hours later.

LaBeouf did not always have a bad boy image with the media. When he first appeared on the television screen in 2000, he was known as a frisky, little 10 year-old kid who played Louis Stevens in the Disney series, Even Stevens. The television show aired weekly, and it attracted a large, youthful audience. Moreover, he was recognized for his accomplishments and his natural ability to act when he received a Daytime Emmy Award for his character portrayal on Even Stevens. LaBeouf once told sources, he realized he got a break early in life and recalled “growing up on the show” as being one of his better moments in life.

In 2003, LaBeouf made his first debut in the film production Holes. He was given a small part in the movie. Afterwards, he made significant achievements gaining lengthy roles in many other movies including Michael Bay’s blockbuster film series, Transformers. Some of his widely popular roles in other movies were, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Disturbia, and Wall Street Never Sleeps.

It certainly should not be a question if LaBeouf is a good actor or not. Provided that he has already accomplished childhood fame, it can be questioned whether his acting skills are too outdated for some directors who may prefer less seasoned actors.

Because of LaBeouf’s positive childhood image, some people could still view him as the frisky little kid they remembered from 20 years ago. People have also come to adore the guy next door type characters he recently played in films. Although many of LaBeouf’s mistakes were minor, his real life bad boy image may eventually put a damper on both his childhood fame and career.

LaBeouf’s past controversial legal problems has not helped him to gain positive relations between other people in his field. According to sources he is a good actor who is familiar with every aspect of the film industry, yet he has occasional character conflicts with other actors while in the middle of a movie screening.

His past issues with insubordination, alcoholism, assault and plagiarism has caused a huge concern for people who never met him personally. As a result of LaBeouf’s character flaws, many of his colleagues choose to avoid the actor rather than to work with him. Furthermore, the most recent allegations only contribute to the negative angles of his persona. One source who defended LaBeouf’s character said, it is rather unfortunate to see a public figure, such as LeBeouf, succeed in so many endeavors throughout his life, and then be judged so harshly by almost everyone for his personal failures.

LaBeouf made big contributions to the industry before many of today’s most popular actors ever established their careers. However nowadays people generally tend to lean more towards actors who have a better repertoire than what has been displayed by LaBeouf over the last few years. If LaBeouf continues to portray the bad boy image to the public, then his past accomplishments eventually will be damaged for good. Moreover, there is the possibility the newest accusations may have already put a damper on his childhood fame and career.

By Kimakra Nealy

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