Species of Animals Not Commonly Known to Man


Of the variety of species inhabiting the earth within the animal world, they are divided up into different categories such as feline, canine, and reptilian. Most of these creatures have an appearance that most people can recognize, much like that of a dog or a long-legged maned wolf . Other animals exhibit a more exotic look, as if pulled from a science-fiction movie, such as the worm-like creature known as the lamprey.  Some breeds of animal host a large number of family members. Spiders are a good example of this as there are over 50,000 types to this species. However, there are some species of animals that are not commonly known to man.

One such species of animal man does not have common knowledge of is the blanket octopus. This animal is said to be one of the rarest species. It is called the blanket octopus because of the large, transparent webs seen on the tentacles that make up half of its body. The webbing is used as a defense mechanism in order to make the octopus seem larger and scare away predators. The majority of the time, however, the webbing is usually tucked away from view. The females of this breed are the only ones to have the webbing whilst the males never grow them. Males from this species are said to be smaller in size, and once they mate, they die.

The Portuguese man o’ war is another species of animal that is not commonly known to man. This sea dwelling creature has an appearance similar to that of a jellyfish. However, the man o’ war is not a jellyfish at all. This life form is comprised of four different types of organisms. These organisms merge together as a whole to create a colony. Each of the four sections have a different function to them much like that of bees, where each section is responsible for a different task in order to keep the hive, and its queen, alive. Much like jellyfish, the man o’ war has tentacles that hang below it in order to catch food. In addition, just like the jellyfish, the tentacles of the man o’ war sting its prey with a paralyzing venom.

There is a member of the pig family that man may have no common knowledge of: Babirusa is the name of this pig, the name meaning ‘hog-deer.’ They are commonly located in Wallacea but have been spotted in other islands within Indonesian. The name was given to this type of pig because of its continuously growing tusk. As seen with different assortments of tusks on different animals, the tusks of the babirusa eventually begin to curl the longer they get.

The Sunda Colugo, referred to as the Sunda Flying Lemur, is but one of many nocturnal mammals that a majority of people may have never heard of, let alone know about. This creature does not fly, but rather glides from tree to tree just like a flying squirrel.

These species of animal are amongst many more that have yet to be commonly known to man. Others such as the naked mole rat, the Irrawaddy dolphin, and the Yeti crab are also within this group. Out of all the animals that have been seen to inhabit the planet, more are being discovered nearly every day.

By Isis E. Stevens

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