‘Spider-Man Unlimited’ 3D Mobile Game Announced [Video]


Game publisher, Gameloft, and Marvel Entertainment this week announced the development of a new smartphone and tablet title based on everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The game, entitled Spider-Man Unlimited, is a new 3D web-runner title that will be available for smartphones and tablets later this fall. Along with the trailer, Gameloft also released the first trailer for the game, which you can check out in the player below.

The game will boast a storyline in which Spider-Man faces off with his dangerous group of rogues, the Sinister Six. The nefarious band gains unlimited power by forging open a dimensional portal to our world. However, Spider-Man will not be alone. He will have help from alternate universe versions of the web-slinger including: Spider-Man Noir; Ben Reilly Spider-Man; Iron Spider-Man; and Future Foundation Spider-Man. The game will contain over 23 different versions of playable Spider-Men. The game is set to feature three narrative-driven issues where players face the Green Goblin, the Vulture, Electro and other dimensional counterparts.

Along with the announcement of the 3D mobile game Spider-Man Unlimited, the new trailer contained some impressive footage. The first trailer for the game features some fluid, colorful and dynamic motion comic-style cinematics. Since Gameloft talked about the game taking place across three “issues,” the cinematics will likely resemble comic book panels. So, one would guess that the motion comic-style cinematics from the trailer will reflect the cinematics seen in the final game. Some brief clips of in-game footage for Spider-Man Unlimited are also shown. The title appears to mix runner action along with melee combat when Spider-Man faces a member of his rogues’ gallery.

In recent years, the gaming industry has seen less in the way of AAA, disc-based console games based on Marvel Entertainment properties. For gamers, this has been a good thing because that means less mediocre movie-based game titles. Instead, Marvel Entertainment has collaborated with mobile and social media game developers for fun, pick-up-and-play titles such as this, or Facebook’s Marvel: Avengers Alliance game. Gameloft also developed the recently released Captain America: The Winter Soldier mobile game title.

More recently, in an interview with IGN, Marvel Interactive head TQ Jefferson stated that a new video game based on the popular Avengers franchise will not be made until Marvel has the right partner to make a great game. Jefferson realizes that fans will not accept mediocre games dressed up as triple-A titles any longer. This means less disappointing titles, such as the Thor movie video game, will be made It was a refreshing viewpoint to hear from a person in a position such as Jefferson. However, in the meantime, the popular Disney Infinity game will soon incorporate Marvel super heroes and Avengers characters later this year. Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes launches in September 2014.

Gameloft also confirmed that Spider-Man Unlimited is playable at next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) at the Gameloft booth. The game is available to play for all three days of E3. In addition, the recently announced Spider-Man Unlimited mobile title has a scheduled release of September 2014 for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Windows Phone.

By Jeffrey Harris


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