Subconscious: New Movie Underway and Cruising Full Speed Ahead [Video]

Subconscious: New Movie Underway and Cruising Full Speed Ahead [Video]

There comes a time when all mysteries of the past need to be solved. The subconscious mind can usually sense that there is more to the story, especially when facts are hidden below the surface. As time is a healer, it can also be a revealer of the truth. Subconscious, a new movie due out later this year dives into the depths and uncovers what secrets lie dark in the abyss of time.

Subconscious: New Movie Underway and Cruising Full Speed Ahead [Video]Based on events from World War II, Subconscious is a thriller of epic proportions. Touching on a bit of science fiction and a slight twist of back to the future theory, the charted path of the submarine hits rough waters while knocking back the waves. In the end, the facts come to light as the sea craft rises above the hidden journey and lives that have gone on before.

Postproduction of the new movie is underway and cruising full speed ahead. The expected release through Lions Gate in the US and Canada is scheduled for this fall. Hilton Media Management in conjunction with Underwater Productions is overseeing the project with Georgia Hilton at the helm. Subconscious was written and directed by Hilton who also served as executive producer along with Naomi Brockwell. Stacey Morris, Lars Elling Lunde, Peter K. Morrison and Naomi Brockwell were the producers.

Subconscious: New Movie Underway and Cruising Full Speed Ahead [ Video]
Georgia Hilton

Hilton is a US Navy veteran, who specialized in submarine communications and anti-submarine warfare. Her expertise helped to ensure crucial details of the film for accuracy and authenticity. Her long list of cinematography credits including sound and film editing enhance her talented script and direction of Subconscious. Hilton is a world traveler and well voiced in many subjects. A dedicated toiler until the end, she has spent many tedious hours with much of the post production accomplished by her own skills. Hilton is also the founder of Film Doctors and conducts seminars and classes for up and coming film-makers.

The compelling story begins in Fall River, Massachusetts aboard the USS Lionfish. Presently docked in Battleship Cove, the sea vessel has been open to the public as a museum, since 1972. It also became home for the cast and crew while filming, as they worked together in cramped quarters for up to 18 hours a day.

Subconscious sets sail as Peter Williams, played by actor Tim Abell, continues his obsession with the USS Lionfish and his missing grandfather. He is finally granted access to the sub, after years of requests. The history professor at the US Naval War College gathers his research team, as well as his ex-wife, to embark on a voyage of unpredictable discovery. What happens next takes the viewer on a ride through history as secrets are revealed and the course of events hang in the balance.

Subconscious: New Movie Underway and Cruising Full Speed Ahead [Video]
Cast picture by permission of Georgia Hilton


Also starring in key roles are Naomi Brockwell, Tom Stedham, Aleisha Force, Mike Beckingham and Cambridge Jones. Strong supporting roles and numerous extras also deserve credit, but are too plentiful to mention each by individual name.

As music should be the background to the drama of our everyday lives, Subconscious is blessed with a suspenseful score by Nate Kohrs and Gary Tash. The strings and percussion draw the intense storyline to a resounding edge of your seat kind of experience. The audience will not be disappointed.

Many of the cast and crew are veterans in different branches of US service, the film was made by veterans, for veterans and dedicated to veterans. Along with Hilton from the Navy, Abell was formerly an Army Ranger and Stedham also hails from the Army. Several others in the film are still involved in a variety of capacities of the armed service, as well being law officials and homeland security agents. A majority of the profits from Subconscious will go towards existing veteran organizations and memorials.

Subconscious: New Movie Underway and Cruising Full Speed Ahead [Video]A kindred spirit was born upon the USS Lionfish during the making of Subconscious that will last longer than a ticket stub and a bag of popcorn. More details about the film are found in the link below. A love gift in a way, telling a story, living through history and giving back to the present to make a difference in the world. What secrets lie dark in the abyss of time…?? Only time will tell.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon



Georgia Hilton  


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