The Drinking Vessyl of the Future [Video]


From the brand of coffee to the amount of sugar in a smoothie, Vessyl, a new type of fitness device that doubles as a drinking glass, can detect a variety of information about beverages placed inside of it. It can even display a nutritional analysis of either hot or cold drinks. Other data which the Vessyl can provide include how much caffeine, sugar and overall calories are in a drink poured into the tumbler. The Vessyl will allow real-time feedback to allow the user to make informed drinking decisions based upon their current and upcoming future hydration and nutritional needs.

While it will not replace an activity tracker or other wearable fitness device, it can work in conjunction with these type of apparatus to provide additional information to enhance personal wellness goals. According to the website, Vessyl might help you lose weight by providing an accurate display of how many calories have been consumed just through drinking alone. Additionally, it will track the amount of caffeine ingested and will even estimate the user’s personal hydration needs with adjustments based upon both whereabouts and activities being performed. Doctors indicate that hydration is a key component for a quality fitness program and Vessyl provides detailed hydration data in support of a fitness program.

The cup provides a breakdown of the components in the poured drink. Pre-loaded with nutritional analyses of many commercial products, the cup can even distinguish between Coke and Pepsi or Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. The product will work with both hot and cold beverages whether of a name brand or not. If the breakdown of the liquid is not included in the Vessyl’s database, the cup will still determine the type of drink as well as its protein, caffeine and calorie content and will track the information throughout the course of the user’s day. In addition, the cup can provide analysis of adult beverages such as wine, beer or any other alcoholic libations. The Vessyl, the drinking cup of the future for both tech-savvy geeks and the fitness-conscious, is currently available for pre-order but will not be shipped until early 2015.

The Vessyl will connect with activity trackers in order to allow for an accurate assessment of hydration needs as well as to provide information on net calories consumed. It will no longer be necessary to simply consider the standard eight glasses of water per day to be accurate. In conjunction with Pryme, a personalized hydration portal, the cup will track and display an estimate of current hydration needs. Depending upon a variety of factors, a user’s hydration requirements will either rise or decline, and Vessyl can help determine the correct amount of liquid necessary for a user to remain properly hydrated.

Should a user inadvertently spill a drink after it has been poured into the cup, the rapid discharge of liquid and the angle of the product will alert the sensors that the cup is being emptied by means other than owner ingestion. This means that the data regarding the spilled liquid will not be added to the rest of the daily totals. The sensors will also add the liquid water from melting ice cubes and adjust the analysis accordingly.

With a glass-like interior, the company indicates that in many instances, a quick rinse is all that is needed in order to clean the cup. If truly in need of full cleaning, a simple soap and water wash with a non-abrasive cloth is the recommended method. The 385 ml tumbler will wirelessly connect to its power station saucer in order to provide several days of nutritional information before requiring an additional charge. The Vessyl is the drinking cup of the future, at least for those looking for more accurate information on exactly what and how much they are drinking on a regular basis.

By Dee Mueller