‘The View’ Drops Two TV Hosts After Receiving Its Highest Viewer Rating

The View
Last Thursday, ABC announced the departure of two co-hosts from the daytime talk show, The View. ABC staff pointed out that Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy would be replaced in the next season. Upon learning The View dropped Shepherd and McCarthy after receiving its highest viewer rating, many of the fans are wondering what events occurred that led to the sudden dismissal of the two TV hosts.

Shepherd, who had been a veteran of The View, did not give a timely enough notice to her fans. During Thursday’s broadcast, she told TV viewers she was leaving. With a record of seven consecutive seasons, from 2007 to present, Shepherd has built a large fan base, who had grown comfortable with seeing her on their television screens every weekday morning.

She had a style of her own and brought many ideas to the table while on The View. Because her personality was always commendable, some fans actually identified with her more than they did with the other panelists.

Ever since she appeared on The View, fans have witnessed her engagement announcement to Lamar Sally and the subsequent announcement of their divorce after just three years of marriage. Shepherd was a single parent before she married Sally and sometimes spoke of her son with the other panelists.

Among sharing some of her personal experiences, Shepherd contributed to a host of many other issues while being employed by the network. From the beginning to the end, she proved she could talk about almost any subject, except men, while always giving viewers the Shepherd perspective.

At times, she stood up for her audience and debated over the issues that were relevant. Shepherd knew her audience well, and she would often enthusiastically emphasize to other panelists why her perspective was important whenever they disagreed on a topic.

After being on The View for seven seasons, many people have grown to respect her opinion and sometimes watched the program for only that reason. Some critics said her time was done and she was no longer needed, yet the co-host was dropped shortly after The View had received its highest viewer rating.

Although Shepherd made a statement that she has decided to move on from her job with the network, there has been no other explanations at this time. Many observers said the news of Shepherd leaving the show has been abrupt and lacked explanation. Longtime viewer, Henrietta S. Mavery, said when she heard the news about Shepherd leaving, she felt disappointed and could not say if she would watch the new season without Shepherd.

Whoopi Goldberg, moderator of The View, stated that she was never made aware Shepherd and McCarthy would no longer have a role in Season 18, which begins on September 15. Sources say the decision had been made before the last talk show for Season 17 was recorded. Many viewers are asking the question what it will be like without any of the original co-hosts of The View. Since coming on the air in 1997, The View has had its share of revolving panelists.

Shepherd appeared on The View a couple of years after Star Jones, who had been a panelist from Seasons 1-9 before departing the show. Jones appeared on the talk show for 8 years and many people were surprised to learn the seasoned co-host was giving up her chair as well. Rosie O’Donnell was also a moderator of The View for a short period, before moving on to other endeavors.

Nevertheless, it has been confirmed that The View dropped two more of their hosts, Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy. However, the news of their separation came just as the network received its highest viewer rating. Whoever the new fill-ins will be, it has been established they will grace the table along with Goldberg next season. Producers are promising that this upcoming season of The View will be just as joyful and informative as the previous seasons.

By Kimakra Nealy

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