The View Host Overhaul Begs the Question ‘What Is Next?’

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The major overhaul of the hosts on The View now begs the question “what is next?” At the moment, Whoopi Goldberg is left to host the show on her own, after Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd have both left the show under dubious circumstances. Barbara Walters already announced that she was retiring, so everybody knew that she was leaving the show.

According to network ABC, which hosts The View, this is an exciting time. It allows the products of the show to change the set-up and bring a new life to the whole thing. However, there are criticisms for the way that the situation has been handled. Suggestions were that McCarthy was leaving because of Shepherd, but there are also beliefs that she was not given the option to renew her contract. Shepherd was reportedly leaving because she and the producers could not agree on the terms within the new contract on offer.

The producers were under fire for hiring McCarthy in the first place, after it changed the dynamic on the show. The actress and presenter’s campaigns against vaccinations for children were a major sore spot for viewers and co-hosts alike.

There have been questions regarding the future of The View for some time. The show is suffering from increase pressure from The Talk on CBS, and producers knew that they had to do something. It was certainly time for a change, and this could be the best or worst thing that ever happens to the ABC program.

However, the major overhaul of hosts on The View does beg the question of “what is next?” Will Goldberg host the show on her own from now on, or will new co-hosts be brought onto the team? There has not been an announcement yet, but the idea of new co-hosts is certainly a strong probability. Now the question would be who will join the veteran actress.

Rosie O’Donnell has been one name speculated for the show. She left the show in 2007 under not-so-friendly terms, but did return as a guest host during the most recent season. It would suggest that she is back on speaking terms with producers and co-hosts, and she could be offered her hosting spot back.

This is the biggest overhaul of co-hosts The View has seen in its 17 years on the air. It has seen people come and go, but three at the end of one season is a major deal. It has already been an emotional season as the co-creator of the show, Walters, decided that it was time to step down and retire.

It is likely that Goldberg will have some say in who will join her on the panel. It will be important to get people she can get along with, but who will also have a good debate with her. This is something the people want to see on the show. There is even the possibility of a male being part of the panel, which will change the dynamic and not necessarily in a bad way. However, the major overhaul of The View co-hosts does beg the question of “what is next” for the show.

By Alexandria Ingham


Los Angeles Times


Los Angeles Times

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