The Worst and Most Common Father’s Day Gifts

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Father’s Day is almost here, and as important as it is to know what  a good item is to give to a father, it might be equally as important to know what are the worst and most common father’s day gifts: from a poll of the recipients of these unfavorable presents. The most hated gifts given on this special holiday are:

Novelty clothing. This category encompasses silly ties and boxers, golfer socks, and joke t-shirts. Recipients of these gifts stated that they would have much rather have received practical clothing that they would actually wear. Such as a nice shirt and tie combo from a reputable designer.

“World’s Greatest Dad” paraphernalia. Mugs, shirts, hats, medals, cards, the list is endless for items that have the, according to fathers polled, overused and insincere phrase printed on them. They say that the gifts are a cheap attempt at sentimentality and the gift could be given to any dad on Father’s Day. Recipients of these gifts say that if their families were striving for sincerity, then they should have gifted something that is actually personal and unique to their relationship.

“Singing Bass” wall decoration. The wall decoration of a fish who sings blues songs when a button is pressed is a popular gift on the holiday. Recipients of this gift stated they were very disappointed and have no use whatsoever for the singing fish. They said they would have rather have gotten a poster of something they were actually a fan of: a favorite movie, TV show, or band.

Car accessories. Another of the Father’s Day gifts that were polled to be the worst, and most common, are car accessories. This includes hanging dice, seat covers, bumper stickers, and car fresheners. The dads who were gifted these said they would have rather their families pay for the gas for a trip somewhere nice.

Novelty cologne. Barbecue scented cologne, bacon scented cologne, sweat scented cologne: all of these exist, all were gifted heavily last Father’s Day, and most were unwanted. The cologne was cited by dads to smell very unpleasant and have no actual use in any situation. They stated that they prefer an actual, nice smelling cologne that they would use regularly.

Personal hygiene products. This gift was actually taken as an insult when given by most dads. Mouthwash, nose hair trimmers, nail clippers, and tooth brushers were all given to disapproving fathers. Those who were given the gift said they would have rather gotten a massage, or spa visit.

Flasks. This was another gift disliked by dads due to its impracticality. After the initial laughs, the recipients of these devices said that there is no conceivable way they could use a flask in their lives. They stated that they would have rather have gotten a bottle of their favorite alcoholic drink to enjoy.

Fathers polled stated that what makes the best gifts are something that either has genuine sincerity and/or practical use. They said that if their families cannot think of a gift that fits those criteria, than to just get them a gift card at their favorite store: or just whatever money they were going to spend on a “bad” gift.

By Andres Loubriel

Huffington Post