Top Ten Dumbest Moments in Kim Kardashian’s Life

Top Ten Dumbest Moments in Kim Kardashian's Life

The world is in love with Kim Kardashian and she seems to make everyone feel better just by being alive and showing that bright dazzlingly smile. Most of the time she is on top of that world which adores her so much but there have been some dark days for the beauty. Below is a list of the top ten dumbest moments in Kim’s wonderful existence. Because to everyone, a little rain must fall.

Before she and Kanye West entered into marital bliss, Kim was married to Kris Humphries, which lasted for a full 72 days before they filed for divorce. Yes people make mistakes every day and this seems to have been a big one. At least she got to be on television and someone took the time to produce a four hour long special talking about  the high-priced wedding.

Singer Ray J and Kim got on film and ended up making a sex tape in 2003. It just happened to be “accidentally” leaked to the public in 2007. Kim was supposedly very angry and sued the company that let it go at first. However for some reason she dropped her suit and decided to settle. It was probably an honest mistake or maybe it could have been a way to help jump-start Kim’s non-existent career.

She and Kanye named her baby girl North and that could be considered on the border of cruel. Kimye decided on this name for the child and the world Kim felt on top on rolled its collective eyes to the northwest because of their stupid decision.

It is well known that Kim will do anything to get in the public eye, so adding to her stupidity list is starring in the enthusiastically unpopular movie, Disaster Movie. The name about sums it up as to how it did at the box office but it was reported to be so bad that no one ever spoken to about it had seen it, watched it or was willing to admit to even heard of it before.

Kim’s Twitter account reads like some sort of promotion list or commercial placement ad service. That is because that is basically all it is. She earns money by mentioning specific products by name in her tweets and can make around $10,000 per tweet by doing so. That was her going rate in 2010 before she became even more famous so it is actually unknown the cash she pulls in now per tweet.

Back in 2008, on the seventh season of Dancing with The Stars, Kim Kardashian did not do as well as expected of her. She ended up being eliminated third on the show that season after receiving constantly low scores. However it is well known that Kim does indeed miss those days because she has tweeted on more than one occasion (when she is not trying to sell products) because as only she can write it: “I Was Soooo Skinny.”

Kim’s dance music song (if it can be called that) Jam was about as big a hit as Disaster Movie and the music video that went along with it rivaled her sex tape for graphics. The song came out in 2010 and was a tremendously synthesized effort to try and make some sort of dance song. However Kim was kind enough to donate half of all her proceeds from the song to St. Jude’s Research for Children. The bad news was there probably was not many proceeds to give.

Kim finally grew weary of always having to deny those horrible rumors that she had actually gotten implants placed inside her buttocks so she decided to get an x-ray to prove everyone wrong. The x-ray showed she was all natural back there but EW!

It is unknown how much the toilet paper company Charmin paid Kim but she actually went to one of their ribbon cutting ceremony in Times Square. She was in between two puppet bears that look like the ones on the Charmin commercials and they each were holding up signs that said “enjoy the go.” Well at least the big bears were cute.

Last but not least, this one may be weirder than it sounds. Kim is into blood facials. This is where a certain amount of a person’s own blood is drawn and the platelets are removed and then the blood is injected into the person’s face. It is considered to be a “natural” alternative to Botox. Well there is nothing natural sounding about having a person’s own blood injected straight into his or her face. It sounds bloody and almost gruesome.

So with that the author winds up the top ten dumbest moments in Kim Kardashian life up to this point in time.  Hope the reader found this to be amusing and did not take it too seriously. If you love Kim, you know she is only human and has some bad times just like the rest of the planet. If you hate her, then you either probably really enjoyed this article or did not read it at all.

Opinion by Kimberly Ruble


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