Tyra Banks to Create New TV Show


In the world of modeling, Tyra Banks is a rather big name. She is also known to be a big TV personality. Today she could be most recognized from the competition show America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). This show has been recorded and aired in 186 countries with 238 episodes. Recent reports from Disney/ABC say the fashion model is now on the verge of creating a new TV show that will be a talk show much like The View or The Talk. The purpose of the show, as stated by the company creating it, would be aimed at providing motivational words and guidance to aid people in improving their lives.

Tyra Banks was born on December 4, 1973 in Inglewood, CA, and originally made a name for herself by becoming the leading international fashion model. This was a bit of a struggle for Banks. Starting out in the world of modeling, her efforts were met with much discrimination and rejection. “We currently have a black woman as a model and are not interested in having another.” said one agency to the young, aspiring model. This did not deter her, as she eventually signed a contract with Elite Model Management at the age of 19 while still in high school. She later went on to be known as the first African-American woman to be seen on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover. This is when Tyra Banks became a household name in the swimsuit industry, and the lingerie industry became more accepting of her voluptuous figure. Before the nationwide show ANTM, Banks went into the field of acting for a short time. With such accomplishments under her belt, she is working toward motivating other women to push forward with the creation of her new TV show.

In announcing Banks’ new TV show, Disney/ABC says the advice of the show will cover a wide range of topics like fashion, home, beauty, and more. People with knowledge in those subjects will appear on the show, internet influences and experts amongst them, as well as the average person. Banks is known for another show called The Tyra Banks Show which began in the year 2005. The last episode was aired in 2010. An Emmy Award was given to her for this daytime talk show. “I have so much information to give” said the supermodel “and I still have plenty to learn.” Much of the content for the show will be aimed at women, but producers say men will benefit from the inspirational advice as well.

Having yet to receive a name, the show will reportedly to be aired in the Los Angeles area. Disney/ABC’s Summerdale Productions will produce it along with Banks herself. Executive VP of daytime and syndicated programming, Lisa Hackner, said that Tyra Banks has the ideal persona to synthesize humor, high energy, and useful information into lifestyle content off of which an audience can feed. Banks is known to have accumulated many fans over the years and a high social media following. “Tyra is more relevant than ever before.” stated Hackner. The newly created TV show from Banks is scheduled to air in the year 2015.

By Isis E. Stevens

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