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The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is back in Los Angeles, and video game lovers will spend hours learning about their favorite games and their respective consoles. However, E3 is expected to be about more than just video games; it is a playground full of new gadgets, too.

Because Xbox One is trailing in sales in comparison to the hugely successful Playstation 4, people are expecting a big presentation from Microsoft in an attempt to get their console to turn heads. Consumers are expecting a few tricks to fly out when Microsoft rolls up its sleeves and gets down to business at this year’s expo. Gamers are hoping for more than mere demonstrations of the re-released, remastered version of their entire Halo series (one through four) on the new console, which is something of which most die-hard fans were already aware. Knowing the traditional hard-core nature of the average E3 patron, they will more than likely be hoping for at least a trailer of the up-and-coming fifth installment, if not a playable demo, even if it is completely different come release time. At this point neither seems highly likely. Another intriguing bit of information released prior to E3 was the fact that Xbox’s newest installment of their response to Playstation’s revolutionary Gran Turismo franchise, Forza Motorsport,  will also be released on Xbox 360. This is different because usually one or the other games are one of the first games released with new consoles in hopes of further enticing customers into upgrading.

Though Xbox is trailing in sales, it is by no means the underdog. Interestingly, the company that first revolutionized the video game scene has become the butt of their jokes, not including mobile gaming, where the 3DS still reigns supreme. With that in mind, there is much speculation as to the direction the company will choose to take and whether they will continue to market the Wii U, which has not done well in the past, or whether they will take another direction entirely. Either way, one thing is sure and that is that Nintendo is not going anywhere. The company made so much with the aforementioned revolutions that they could be in the red for the next 30-plus years and still laugh all the way to the bank.

Sony is the reigning champ of E3, and with over 7 million copies of their PS4 sold, this year’s E3 should mostly be about them presenting their blockbuster games. However, that is not to say that they do not have more to talk about than just video games. As mentioned before, the new consoles and video games are the biggest part of the Electronic Entertainment expo, but expect more secrets lie inside – namely virtual reality.

Last year, Oculus Rift premiered at E3, and it was the first time the company had received the chance to take center stage. Not even a year later, Facebook bought them for a measly $2 billion, and it would not be far-fetched to assume the biggest reason was the publicity it garnered from taking home Best of Show in the hardware category. This year, not only will Oculus have its own booth again, but it will be competing with Sony’s Project Morpheus, and possibly even Control VR. As expectations become a reality during E3, one thing will be certain in people’s minds: the Electronic Entertainment Expo has room for more than just video games.

By Eddie Mejia

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